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About Elaine LaLanne

(Elaine Today)

Like her husband, Elaine LaLanne spent her early years as a junk food junkie, living on chocolate doughnuts, candy, hot dogs, ice cream, and sodas from vending machines. Elaine was 25 at the time she met Jack, working as the host and talent booker for the well known Les Malloy Show at ABC-TV affiliate station KGO in San Francisco, California. It was there where Elaine first met Jack, who said to her, "you need to start eating apples, oranges, and bananas, and if I didn't like you, I wouldn’t be telling you this." Elaine looked up at Jack while puffing on a cigarette, chomping on a sugar doughnut and said, "oh yeah?" 

Jack's comments actually did make a profound impression on Elaine, who took a good, hard look at herself and her lifestyle. Elaine began to commit herself to health and exercise and joined a fitness class during lunch at the at the studio instructed by Jack, improved her eating habits, and quit smoking. “The results were remarkable,” Elaine recalls. Her skin became smoother and tighter, and through her exercise and diet, was able to reapportion her body. They danced at a KGO Company Party, married and danced together for 59 years.

Elaine’s improved physical health led to improved mental strength, and she, together with Jack, embarked on a mission to introduce to the world the benefits of exercise and fitness. Today Elaine proudly states that she still feels 19. Now in her 80's, she is a sought-after lecturer and has written five books.

To quote Jack, "If you are around her for any length of time, you will find her enthusiasm for life is contagious. She can do push-ups, chin-ups, she's a terrific golfer, expert water skier, and swimmer. She's a lecturer, author, civic leader and business woman, in fact she runs BeFit Enterprises. She's a super wife and a good friend. To me she is living proof of all that a woman can be!"

-- Jack LaLanne

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