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Since the mid 1930’s, Jack LaLanne has been developing various types of exercise routines. Many of the exercise movements used as standard ways to improve physical fitness were created by America’s number one physical fitness authority, Jack LaLanne.

The following is a list of some of Jack’s exercises:

The Exterminator – helps firm up the entire body
The Fighter – a punching exercise
Stretchnastics – LaLanne stretching moves
Fannie Firmer – helps firm buttocks
Jumping Jacks – cardiovascular warm-up
Backwards Leg Extensions – single leg tucks and extensions
Posture Improver – pretend to try and crack a walnut between your buttocks
Rockette Kicker – overhead kicks
Get up and Get down – lie on the floor, get up, lie down, and repeat several times
Lower Body Firmer – leg scissors, lying on your side
Towel Breaker – series of exercises using a towel
Broom Stick – series of exercises using a broomstick
Chair – LaLanne chair routines, made famous by Jack on TV

Others are the Pincher, the Killer, the Face Saver, the Eradicator, the Rotator, the Lifter, the Eraser, the Fat Burner, the Gut Buster, the Waist Away, the Gooser, and the TensionFighter, just to name a few.