Our American Hero.

Dear faithful students,
Yesterday we lost a dear friend, a devoted husband, a loving father, a true hero to us all.

Jack died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay on California’s Central Coast. He was surrounded with his loving family, his wife Elaine of 51 years, daughter Yvonne and sons Danny and Jon.

Jack has left the world a happy, healthier, more fit place, and his legacy will live on forever.

Remember as Jack would say:
“Anything in Life is Possible, if YOU Make it Happen!” ~Jack LaLanne

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  1. Condolences to the family and may you rest in peace Jack. I’ve followed you for decades.

    All my love to his family.

  2. Jack had such a positive influence on so many people, and on several generations — he was a testament to practicing what you preach, & a life well lived He’ll whip ‘em into shape in heaven, but will be so missed here.

  3. My sincere condolences to all of Jack’s family. I used to watch his t.v. program as a child with my mother in the early 60’s. I remember sitting on a chair doing bicycle leg pumps during the commercials, waiting for him to return and lead us in more exercises. His program was so innovative for the time. And fun to watch, too.

    Thanks, Jack, for all you’ve done for so many people. You really did make a difference in this world.

  4. RIP Jack, thank you for all the years you gave us and all that you did to inspire us. I started watching your show when my kids were small and joined the fitness center you had in Lakewood, CA. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

    Austin, TX

  5. Rest in Peace Jack. I can’t think of anyone who deserves to rest more than you with all of your amazing accomplishments. You are one of my heroes and role models. I thank you for being one to influence my early habits giving me great health and athletic abilities into my fifties with more to come. My condolences to your family. You are a great American. I hope to meet you someday in a heavenly workout:).

  6. Dear Elaine and family,

    I am truly sorry for your loss. Jack was a tremendous inspiration and wonderful person. His message has always been so positive, so uplifting, and so motivating. He touched the lives of countless people. He was a magnificent individual and will always be the quintessential role model.

  7. My sincere condolences to the entire family.

    I have to say that Mr. LaLanne had started me on the exercise kick when I was a child back in the 60s. I would drag a chair from our kitchen table in front of the old black and white and exercise along with Jack. I think I liked the organ playing more than anything else. Of course, I would get scolded for marking up the floor!

    I just wish I could have shaked your hand Jack to thank you for making an important impression on me that continues to this day.

  8. Hello,
    Very sad to hear of this Mega Fitness man leaving us. I would watch his show as a boy in the Bay area ,later in life was amazed at his fitness feats .I wish I would have met Jack ,always wanted to write for an autographed picture ,should have written sooner ,thought he would live to a 100+ !!

    Thanks for this American original

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time. Jack was an amazing person whose influence reached so many, including myself. Jack will always be a hero and a mentor to me. I will continue to live life the Jack LaLanne way, and hopefully I can live my life as happy and fully as Jack did.

    Jack, you will be missed and never forgotten.



  10. A life well lived and a true inspiration to anyone who cares about their health and fitness. A man way way ahead of his time. Simply an amazing person. God bless Jack LaLanne !!!

  11. What a sad day for the health of America. I’m sorry to see such a wonderful man go. He certainly practiced what he preached, and I’m so glad he had a Long and Healthy life. I will miss hearing about his birthday swims in the San Francisco Bay!

  12. So sorry for your loss and frankly all our loss. I still have the vivd memory of Mom pulling the chair out and saying to us children, “Ok, now be quiet while I do my exercises and get your chair if you want to do the same.” I loved to see my Mom do this workout for herself. She was so fit and in such great shape. She was always exercising from that time forward with aquathenics to the recumbent bike and swimming. Thank you Jack; you will be missed. Please keep his site alive!

  13. This is truly a sad day for all of us who grew up with Jack. My prayers go to you and all your family. When I worked up at the Morro Bay Museum for the CCNHA your support was inspirational to so many of us. I no longer live in the area but am a better person by having had you both touch my life since I was a little girl on TV.

  14. My thoughts and prayers go out to the LaLanne family. Mr. LaLanne was truly an inspiration to me and millions of others in this world. What an amazing man! There should be a moment of silence at every gym across the country since the fitness industry would not be what it is today without him. I am saddened to hear the news and feel as though I have lost a friend even though I have never had the honor of meeting Mr. LaLanne. I cannot say enough about how Mr. LaLanne has changed my life and will never forget him.

  15. January 24, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    Jack LaLanne…you have been, and will always be my hero. You too Elaine. While Jack will be missed, he will live forever in our hearts. Truly, Ellen Chong

  16. I’m sad. But I’m very sure that your spirit will never die. You were an ideal for us all. Have a good time, whereever you are now.

  17. I am incredibly saddened by this news. He lived a long, vigorous and productive live and was a role model to so many. I share the shock so many people now feel as they hear the news of his passing. At the same time, I tip my hat to Jack, for only he could pass at age 96 and leave people who hear the news saying, “Really? But he seemed so young…”

    Rest in peace, Jack.

  18. We have all lost a true hero in every sense of the word, but his teachings and influences will live on in all of us who admired him. At 55 years young, I was exercising with Jack almost before I could stand up on my own. Through my life I have tried to follow his teachings of fitness, as well as living life with integrity. It has been a true adventure watching both of us get older year by year, but knowing that by following Jack’s teachings, we were both adding years to our lives, and quality to those years.

    My sincere sympathy to Elaine and Jack’s entire family. This wonderful man will live on in us all.

    Blessings, from Rick in Charlotte NC

  19. I am very sad to hear this news.

    Jack was a great American that changed and touched countless lives and he will never be forgotten!

    I remember watching his show in the ’60s as a young boy and how “cool” I thought he was.

    Jack was the true definition of a man ahead of his time.

    My thoughts and prayers go out for Elaine and the rest of Jack’s family.

  20. Rest In Peace Dearest Mr. La Lanne…
    You have served us all with inspiration, hope and a reason to believe that if we put our minds to anything, we can make it possible.
    I am saddened to hear of this loss, but know that He is in a better place.
    My Sincerest Condolences to His Family, Friends and Loved Ones.

  21. Dear Mrs. Lalanne,

    I am deeply soory for your loss. Your husband was a huge inspiration in my household. Both my mother and father watched your husband’s show and worked out diligently daily their whole lives. I went to school at Pepperdine with your son John. Give my condolences to him as well. If you can, please have him contact me at resourcesolutions@yahoo.com. I would love to catch up.
    God Bless. Mark

  22. To the Lalanne Family;
    My condolences to the LaLanne family,he was ,is and always will be an inspiration in my life and though I never met him,he will be greatly missed by me.


    Joseph Perkins

  23. Thank you, Jack, and God bless your family.

    My little son was developing some terrible eating habits. We had recently been watching Jack’s exercise and nutrition videos and he has been really inspired to eat healthy foods in their natural state and stay active.

    We will continue to be inspired by Jack’s good example and extraordinary life. So grateful for people like Jack for my children to look up to.


  24. Jack has been my hero, my inspiration, my guiding light for many,many years. I have all his videos and books and have bought lots of memorabilia on ebay, too. Amazingly, just a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to an autographed poster of Jack with Happy. The framed print is above my desk, and I see Jack’s smiling face encouraging me still.
    Rest in peace, dear friend. You inspired millions not only with your enthusiastic messages of health and fitness, but you were a true patriot who loved this country and all its greatness. I believe you were a prophet, speaking and sharing the truth we needed to hear. Long before “organic” and “wellness” were in our everyday vocabulary, you were teaching us about how to live our lives to the fullest. My only regret is that I never got to meet you in person. But I feel your spirit guiding me to better health everyday. God bless you and your family; may they find comfort in your legacy of health and healing.

  25. Im 41 years old and watched Jack when I was a little girl. He got my Grandma to exercise. I first heard about juicing from him too. He was amazing! When he was 60 swimming pulling boats and again at 70? WOW! Such a positive influence among so many. God Bless You Jack for all you’ve done to make everyone’s lives better! Blessings to his wife & children too. Many people love you!

  26. Dear Family,

    I am 46 years old, and remember my Grandmother who loved to do the exercises with Mr. LaLanne. She was aware of how a healthy body affected her daily routine. She lived to be 92. I have such fond memories of her. I wish you all comfort during this time, and know just how lucky you are to have so much of him recorded: his thoughts, passions, and most of all,his laughter.

  27. Thank you Jack LaLanne for all your years of positive, healthy living instructions. Thank you for sharing your life with us and always looking at people in a way that brought out the positive in them.

    Thank you for your strength and courage to reach out to us and share your wisdom even when there were those that doubted you.

    YOU were one of God’s angels here on earth and we will miss your beautiful smile but your legacy will live on forever!

  28. My heart goes out to Jack’s family. I tip my hat to a man that stayed fit to the very end and now he has gone home to live in peace. God Bless you Jack.

  29. So sorry for your loss. So sorry for our loss. He was an inspiring pioneer, a clever business man, and a huge personality. He will be missed by many.

  30. My sympathy goes out the ones who have to live without him. He made an industry and changed it. I remember, six, seven years ago, translating and editing an interview Jack had -so sincere and humorous- with the US edition of M’s H for the Dutch edition of Men’s Health and kind of meeting him in the States at an IHRSA-convention that year. ‘Old soldiers never die, and they do’nt even fade away.’ Respect. He will be remembered.
    Guido Willemsen, editor-in chief Body Biz, trade journal for Dutch fitness professionals

  31. Blessings of comfort to Jack’s family, in his death, Jack has inspired me to use my life, instead of letting it use me. Thank you, Jack, for your sacrifices.

  32. Wow… I’m truly sad, yet encouraged by the life Jack lived. It’s funny, prior til today.. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him… I was reading this e-book from Kevin Gianni and it mentioned Jack as being this 94 year old fitness guy, etc… So, I said… let me google his name… and when I did, I saw he had just passed… WOW! But, look at how he lived… I mean, I’m 36 years old and I know I don’t have half the energy he had… I will not let Jack’s life be in vein. This was even more confirmation that I’m on the right track! God Bless you Elaine and Family!!!

  33. Jack’s background music was the first time in my young life that I heard an organ outside of church. I remember wondering, “Who moved it?”!

    Thank you, Jack, for a lifetime of fitness and goodness!

  34. Jack`s passing is a great loss to us all but his legacy will live forever. He inspired countless numbers of people, including myself to improve their lives. We offer him a great big THANK YOU! Jack, you will always be in our hearts. Elaine take comfort in knowing you were married to a true American hero and we are praying for you and your family. God Bless!

  35. Jack, you have been an inspiration to me and my students. You defied the stereotypes associated with age, teaching us that we can be healthy, fit, and strong well into our 90s and beyond. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

  36. It is a truly a sad day when I hear of someone that has truly been an inspiration, and that I never had a chance to meet, yet I have used him in numerous conversations as to how to live. I will however meet him in heaven. My prayers are with the family.
    I ask that that peace that surpasses understanding be with you in this season of your lives.

  37. Dear Elaine and family,
    I hope that you will remember me and our family. You and my mother were great friends in the 50’s in South San Francisco. My mother, Marjorie Kuskie passed in 2003 and my father Clarence Kuskie passed in 1988. It is with great sadness to hear of Jack’s passing. I remember watching his show and how he would pray for my brother Steve after the accident when we were heading for Baja in 1958. Steve passed away in 2008 but went to heaven happy with his faith in God. Janice is living in Texas, Jim lives in Santa Rosa and I live in the small town of Coulterville near Yosemite. Please accept my sympathy in Jack’s passing, he will be greatly missed.

  38. The world is a sadder place without Jack. His contributions to those that are less fortunate is a lesson we can all learn from. My heart goes out to his wonderful wife, Elaine and their wonderful children Yvonne, Jon and Danny. God bless. Deborah Greene

  39. Jack, thank you for teaching your students how to “work at LIVING.” Following your example has greatly improved my life. I will miss you!

  40. RIP Jack, you were an inspiration to many. Keep up your good work up there, and I strive to keep up mine down here with every bit of help you’ve ever offered. Godspeed.

  41. Thank you, Jack! I’ve watched you almost my entire life and exercised with when I was a little kid watching your show. You inspired me to exercise and have fun doing it. Thank you for everything. Your autographed poster hangs proudly above my desk. You and Happy are back together!My condolences to Elaine and your children.God Bless You, Jack.

  42. I remember Jack as the first person who taught me how to take a deep breath. as a small child in the sixties, i watched his black and white exercise show, and i remember the organ holding onto a chord as he encouraged us to breath, deeper and deeper, then let it out. It may seem small, but breathing well promotes an awareness of body. too many people drag their bodies around like luggage. he continues to uplift me now as i workout in spite of chronic pain and other obstacles. And I have, finally, given up the cake.

  43. I remember Jack LaLanne fondly from my childhood. He was a true American hero and his dedication to human fitness will always be his legacy.

  44. I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear of Jack’s passing. My deepest sympathy to all of you. Jack’s legacy will indeed live on forever, and his teachings will forever influence my life.
    I have just finished exercising with one of Jack’s videos, as I do each morning. What better way to honor Jack? We have all benefited from his example. His was indeed a long life, well lived.
    Love from Jack’s student, Cynthia

  45. On behalf of myself, my wife, and our family, we want Elaine and family to know of our sympathy, love, and condolences over your great loss. Jack and Elaine’s teachings have been a great help to us in the past year, and he will be sorely missed. Our prayers go with you.

  46. What a great man and such a great loss for the United States and the world.
    I remember my Mom exercising with Jack in our living room via the TV in the early 60’s.
    An inspiration to us all.
    Rest in peace, Jack.

  47. I am so sorry to hear of Mr. LaLanne’s passing. I grew up with him and his lovely wife over the years on TV and I would exercise right along with them. I will always remember his enthusiasm, those beautiful white dogs…and that trade mark blue jumpsuit!

    My deepest condolences to Jack’s wife & family, and my heart-felt gratitude to Jack for sharing his knowlege and love for fitness with all of us over the years.

    Rest in peace Jack – you’ve earned it!

  48. I am so sorry to hear of Mr. LaLanne’s passing. I grew up with him and his lovely wife over the years on TV and I would exercise right along with them. I will always remember his enthusiasm, those beautiful white dogs…and that trade mark blue jumpsuit!

    My deepest condolences to Jack’s wife & family, and my heart-felt gratitude to Jack for sharing his knowlege and love for fitness with all of us over the years.

  49. Dear Elaine and family,

    My heartfelt condolences go out to you. We have lost Jack’s company, but his work lives on. I was blessed to have been able to meet him in 2005, when we literally ran into each other in a restaurant in Morro Bay. Of course, I recognized him and exclaimed, “Jack LaLanne!” as I threw out my hand to him. He took my hand in both of his, and asked me in all seriousness, “So have you been working out?” We talked together for about 5 minutes and it was an unforgettable experience. I watched Jack on television as a child, and have always followed his work. I lived in Morro Bay for too short of a time, and regularly walked up your road, wondering where that marvelous couple lived. Bless you, Elaine. Please continue to love the world as much as Jack did. I wish you much love and comfort.

    Susan Wells
    Chico, CA

  50. My Mother used to watch Jack LaLanne everyday to do her exercises. I use to watch with her and loved the part where he would stand on his head. I was the only one in the family who could stand on my head unassisted. I loved Jack LaLanne. Deepest Sympathy to Mr. LaLannes family and friends.

  51. Jack was a very loved man without even knowing all that loved him. He left an impression on me from watching him in the early 70’s pull out his chair and start using it to exercise. At my young age, I too would pull out a chair and TRY to copy him.

    He touched so many, what a testiment to a wonderful man and how to live your life!

    You will be greatly missed here on Earth!

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  53. Mr. Lalanne was an amazing man and will be greatly missed. I used to watch his program when I was a kid and do the work outs along with him. My sincere condolences to his family.

  54. Rest in peace Jack. A true American icon and legend, one who I talked about often with my patients. Thanks for your all that you did for us.
    Dr Mike Farrell

  55. I will miss you so much,Jack!. I watched you as I grew up.. and as an adult. You and Elaine inspired generations and are amazing! My Husband and I have benefited from live food and juicing then for many reasons got away from it and suffered the consequences. This years we are back and will be glad to enjoy the benefits again.
    We send our deepest sympathies to your family members in this time of loss. You are going to be a hugely missed presence I’m sure.

    A loyal fan of yours,

  56. Jack was truly a national treasure and hero in every sense of the word. His legacy will endure for many, many years. My deepest condolences to his family.

  57. Well done Jack!! You live on in every healthy and fit person who follows your message on how to make the most of this wonderful life. Thank you so much for changing mine. My deepest condolences to the LaLanne family. Rest assured that Jack is STILL spreading his message of health and fitness. God Bless.

  58. We feel like we just lost a member of the family. We all thought he’d live forever and ever… and in spirit he will. We will all miss you, Jack. Thank you for inspiring three generations of our family to get off our tookuses and move! You are loved and missed!

  59. God Bless Ya Jack and everyone, grew up with him, believe I might have even seen him on public TV in an interview this past Autumn in Minnesota.

  60. Before school when I was 5 I watch Mr. LaLannes’s show. I watch everyone of his feats growing up and even watch his info-mercials. He was an inspiration for all of my life. I’m going to miss him but will never forget him. He was “the man”.


  61. I began working out as a single mother watching Jack on television. I used cans of vegetables as weights and eventually joined the Jack LaLanne gym in Burbank soon after it’s opening. I credit Jack with getting me started on a lifetime of fitness and loving it. Now 60, I continue to work out everyday and I always tell people it was Jack who inspired me.

    Thank you for all that you have done for so many, Jack

  62. Im so sad to hear this. Jack has been a huge inspiration to me. After turning 40 I decided I could do better with my health. I started to eat right and excercise again. I watched his clips online and they gave me the boost I needed. Happy to say 6 months later I feel and look like im in my 20’s again. My condolences go out to Elaine and the rest of the Lalanne family.

  63. Jack’s contributions to the world of fitness and health were the extraordinary work of an extraordinary man. Jack will continue to live in print, video, Web and the hearts and minds of all who seek a healthy lifestyle.

  64. You have been an inspiration for many years and will be greatly missed. Thank you for improving so many people’s well-being. We love you…

  65. Dear Elaine,
    I have been an exercising fan since 1959, and feel I know you personally. I am so saddened by your loss, and the loss to everyone who also loved and admired your great husband. He helped all who aspired to make their lives better through a healthy body; only then can we hope to achieve a good, long, productive life as he did. He did so much for so many. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  66. This makes me very sad today. My life will feel a little emptier because I sometimes think about Jack and it has always felt good to know he was out there somewhere. Now, that’s not true anymore.
    I briefly met him once about 12 years ago and he had a big smile for me. It was an honor for me to meet someone who walked the walk the way he ALWAYS did. I once spoke to his manager 12-13 years ago about doing an interview for my fitness book (I am now turning it into online lessons)and he told me he spoke to Jack about it, but Jack wasn’t interested at that time. Maybe it’s good that happened because I would have felt under the gun to be successful once Jack was associated with it!! Yikes!
    Jack has served and will continue to serve as an inspiration to me (now 50 years old) and to anyone I train. I feel fortunate to have lived at the same time as Jack did. I hope I can carry on with his message. RIP old freind.

  67. God Bless You Jack. May you rest in peace. You shall always live on in our memories and through your television shows and books. You lifestyle has changed mine and you are one person that I will never forget. Dying can never ruin your image it only shows us all that what you accomplished in your life was truly extraordinary. Thank you Jack & Elaine.

  68. Thank you Jack for your neverending encouragement and your wonderful example. I have watched you and listened to you through the years… ever since I was a young girl in the sixties. You always felt that anyone could succeed in being stronger, healthier and better. We will miss you!

  69. Jack, I grew up watching you in California and worked out with you and Happy with my Sister and Mom and will sweat with you on the other side, Love Karen.

  70. Because of Jack I became a fitness trainer at the age of 52. He inspired me enormously, and I will always love him for the example he left and his deep commitment to fitness and people. God love you Jack –! I know I certainly do.


  71. God be with you in this time of great sorrow.Jack has and always will be inspiration to us.Elaine a special hug to you God Bless

  72. I first worked out with Jack as a child (60’s). My Mom worked out with Jack everyday and us kids would join in. Mr. Lalanne, you will be greatly missed. Blessing to your family.

  73. I grew up watching my aunt doing exercises with Jack on TV in the 1960’s. He was the pioneer of fitness. Farewell my friend. You will be missed.

  74. I will miss knowing Jack is out there keeping fit and inspiring others. He as always been an inspiration to me personally, an amazing man. As a child of the 60’s he played a large part in my childhood. He will be missed often by many. My thoughts are with his family.

  75. Dear LaLanne Family:

    I was so sorry to hear the news of his passing. I have been a T.V. fan for years and years. He was the only one you could ever really trust on television. He was so dedicated.

    Again, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.

    Cindy Lam

  76. I loved watching you as a kid on tv morning show. I always wanted a body like yours and I’m working on it. You will be missed. I miss you already.

  77. Very sad to see this day, but so very grateful for Jack’s many contributions. I used to watch his television show everyday as a kid. Speaking of kids, as one once, play was exercise. Then I went to school and gym class just became exercise, no play. Watching Jack on TV, he brought the fun back to exercise. And so warm and personable, I always felt like he was just talking to me! Would have loved to have met him and call his Jack, because it is as if we were friends for life.Thanks for everything Jack. I went to the gym this morning in your honor and had a BLAST! Thank you!


  78. My thoughts and prayers have been with the Lalanne family all day…I am truly saddened (and shocked) by the sudden loss of such an inspiring man…he has made an impact on my life over the years, and he will be greatly missed, but I know his legacy will live on, and life will go on for us as who are here and we can honor Jack in our hearts and our lives by continuing on in what was so important to him…taking care of our health! My own dad was a great inspiration and example to me through his consistent exercise, and I have begun studies to be a certified personal trainer…I started this to honor my dad…and now I do it also in Jack’s memory. Thank you, Jack for giving so selflessly to others and having such great concern…you are truly a remarkable person. I pray for Elaine strength and comfort in the days ahead and she deals with all of this…I believe she is a very strong person, emotionally, physically and spiritually and she will continue to carry the torch that the two of you shared. Remember, love doesn’t die, Elaine…I still love my dad, and he’s been gone over 10 years. May God bless you and continue to keep you. P.S. My favorite Jack saying is: ‘If man made it, don’t eat it!’

  79. Dear Mr LaLanne and family,

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Just recently I “discovered” Jack, that is I always knew who he was, I even bought his juicer a while back, but I took a small interest in this dynamo of a man and found this site. I got a kick out of watching his videos and spent an entire evening reviewing many of Jack’s classic tv moments. It was a real hoot. The one thing that stood out to me was his passion. He had a passion for what he did and a passion for the people he spent his entire life trying to help. Big and strong, yet gentle and down to earth. That’s quite a combination. He was a real man. And he will be missed. It is often said upon someones death that “they sure don’t make em like…..anymore. It’s become somewhat cliche. But in Jack’s case, it’s fact. The world was a better place with him in it. To all his family and friends I offer my deepest condolences. To Jack…GodSpeed my friend. THANK YOU for being you. You made the world a whole lot brighter.

  80. To Elaine and Family,

    WE are so sorry for your loss. What an inspirational man who changed the world for many.Thank You for sharing him with the world for so many years.
    Blessings to you all.

  81. I just found out the news right after lunch. I find myself sad to hear the news of Mr LaLanne’s passing.

    I remember growing up watching Jack LaLanne, and like a good boy, ran to get my Mom to do Jack’s exercises with me. After weeks of begging, she finally broke down and bought the stretch bands that Jack used in his routines. We had those things for 20 years!!

    I could only hope that I could make the dent (in comparison) to the impact Jack LaLanne made in peoples lives all around the world.

    God Bless You Jack LaLanne

    G. Wayne Clayton

  82. Jack,
    You are my inspiration, and the inspiration to millions more.
    Elaine and family, millions around the world mourn this shining star with you

  83. I remember growing up seeing my Mom exercise while watching the Jack Lalanne show on television. A couple years back I was able to see Jack and Elaine speak at Fullerton Junior College. It is a day I will never forget. They both were truly inspiring! I want his family to know that he and Elaine touched and changed my life. He was a great man! My condolences to the entire family.

  84. To Jack’s family and friends: My deepest symphathy to you. Jack was and is my idol! I’m 60 now and still work out, walk miles, try my best to eat what he recommends, (the sugar tempts me). I think the vegetable and fruit juicing is an execellent idea. Much more nutritious that way. Not many people can live to his age, so I consider that a great accomplishment! Here’s to you, Jack!

  85. What a legacy Jack LaLanne has left behind………one that will live on forever…..condolences to Elaine and the LaLanne family, may you find comfort in knowing what Jack left behind and how many lives he changed jut by being himself……..he was truly a great man with an exuberance for life that was unmatched…..some of my earliest memories are exercising with Jack LaLanne and my Gramma in front of her black and white TV in the early 1960’s……..I also was an aerobic instructor at one of his European Health Spas…….wonderful memories and a lifetime of really “living” the way Jack did……he will be so very missed, but his memory and legacy will live on forever…….God Bless You, Jack…….and thank you…..

  86. My deepest condolences to the family of Jack Lalanne.
    He has truly been a life inspiration and soul mentor that will forever be our daily guidance. We continue to live by his magical words: ” Anything in life is possible, if you make it happen”. Jack you are Forever loved and respected never lost. You will be missed and in our hearts for eternity.

    Miriam U.

  87. Thank you Jack for inspiring me and so many others to take better care of their most important physical gift, their body. You were truly a great human being, someone who made the world a better place. My heartfelt condolences to the LaLanne family. You can bet Jack will be missed by so many. I know that everyday I work out or use my juicer, I’ll be thinking of Jack LaLanne.

  88. I feel like I have lost a family member, as Jack has been an inspiration to me since I was a small boy. My mother had a glamour stretcher which she shared with me, an underweight sickly little boy. I have followed him ever since. I took my son to hear him speak more than thirty years ago at a spa in Pinellas County, Florida. I listened to and enjoyed his recent radio shows on the internet. I will miss him. God bless Elaine and the family.

  89. Hotep (Peace be unto you) Jack,

    All the best to you as you have made your transition to join the ancestors in the eternal spiritual realm.

    And to his family & love ones, may his spirit continue to provide you with guidance & protection.


  90. I was saddened to hear of Jack’s passing. He was a hero of mine. I bought his book “For Men Only” back in 1976 and it truly change my life. I still have it and use it today. God Bless Jack LaLanne.

  91. Thank you sir, your legacy will definitely live on. You were one of my favorite “pretend-uncles” and I appreciate all of the wisdom I picked up watching you on infomercials, talk shows, and other television appearances.

  92. Wow, this is a life worth celebrating and I hope to do just that for the rest of mine, by taking a closer look at what he said and moving my body more, eating better, and being positive.

    Personally, I’m gaining a lot of value from this website already about the LaLanne philosophy with respect to pushing through goals & challenges. From my childhood and especially now in middle age (what’s that?), Jack stands as a teacher and template of how to do this thing called living the right way.

    Thank you Jack & the entire LaLanne family (& businesses) for sharing with millions of us this gift that keeps on giving.

    with much love & respect for Jack’s life,
    Victoria V.

  93. Jack is one of my heros and I will always be grateful for his love of life, kind heart and fitness and nutirtional inspiration.

    Thank you Jack. My deepest sympathies to Elaine, Yvonne, Danny and Jon. My thoughts are with you.

  94. Jack LaLanne is the father of physical fitness..As a small child, I remember watching him with my mom after she had a baby and wanted to get back into shape. I continued to exercise with Jack as long as he was on television, at least through my beginning teen years. I bought several copies of his book “Revitalize Your Life” which I have given as gifts. Jack is an expert motivator and certainly lived what he preached. God Bless him! He will be missed forever!

  95. I watched this show when I was a little boy – not all the time, but enough to know that hey, this guy sure looked a lot better than most grown-ups. I am no fitness freak, but I know I should be, and he is the earliest influence I can think of that taught me that. He will be missed.

  96. Our prayers are with Jack’s family – he will be deeply missed. I grew up watching Jack’s program, as a child – doing the exercises with my dear grandmother, who was a faithful follower. Jack’s warm and bubbly personality made it seem as though he was right in the room with us, encouraging and praising along the way. I exercise “with Jack” to this day – garnering fond memories, as well as fitness.
    Jack is truly a shining example for all of us. He was a remarkable man.

  97. Just heard of the passing of Mr. LaLanne, I just want the family to know how much we will miss him and my prays goes out to them.

  98. I am so grateful for Jack Lalanne coming into this world and making it a better place. I am an endurance athlete and I really admire all the things Jack has accomplished and for what he believed in. I believe in the same things and I will continue to pay it forward. Health is true wealth.

  99. I’m so bummed… I remember watching him as a kid on TV..I’d exercise with my mom watching the show. God bless you Jack.. I swear I thought you’d live forever.. now you’re in heaven, giving God a great work out..

  100. I’m so sad of Jack’s passing, I remember watching Jack as a little girl. There are a lot of great trainers out there but there will never be another Jack LaLanne.

    I was going to blow off going to the gym today, guess I better not and get my butt moving.

    RIP Jack

  101. I’m 23 and since I first learned of Jack Lalanne about two years ago, I have told my family, friends and strangers about him and how wonderful of a person he was. He inspired many people including myself. I believe that he changed many people’s lives for the better. I enjoy watching him. Often times when myself or someone else was having a bad day, I would put on Jack Lalanne to cheer myself or the other person up. His death is a loss to all. My condolences to the family.

    Warm Regards,

  102. It is truly the end of an era. I remember my grandfather getting hooked on Yami Yogurt in the 1950s because of Jack, and my own father getting up early to work out with Jack in front of the old b/w TV.

    So sorry for your loss. Jack will live on in our hearts, memories and muscles!

  103. Jack LaLanne was my hero! Back in the 60’s when my Daddy had to go work after I got home from school, he would turn on The Jack Lalanne show and I would watch it. I was only in the 2nd grade however, being a signle parent, Daddy had to work and I was left home alone until my older brothers & sister got home from school. I always felt safe watching this strong,athletic man work out. His voice brought comfort to a little girls heart. Now 51, my middle son discovered & loved Jack Lelanne. He too is a firm believer of being totally fit. Mr. LaLanne was his his hero as well. May God give each of you the peace that passes all understanding.
    Helen Wallace

  104. Jack, you will be sorely missed! I grew up watching your show. My Grandma was an outspoken advocate for your excercise show when I was a child and she an owner of a health foods store in Pomona, CA. She suffered polio as a child and was never supposed to be able to breathe on her own, much less walk and have children! She said you were the inspiration to get strong and stay healthly and credited your example to continue to stay active in her later years!

    My sincerest condolences to Jack’s wife, family and friends!

  105. Jack….you will be missed!
    I have been following you since I was a kid. i’m 46 now. Because of you, I am in the fitness field. I remember one time 4 yrs ago when I heard on the radio while I was driving to a clients home that you where in town, the Westside pavilion promoting your juicer. I stopped my car called my clients and cancelled them so I could go and meet you and shake your hand.
    That was such an honor!! Thanks for the autographed picture and Thanks for what you have done!!
    I feel I lost a part of me, You will be missed!
    My condolences to your family

    Los Angeles

  106. I was just devastated when I read the news. I have been a devoted student from Jack’s teachings for many years. I, like millions of others, have truly benefited from Jack’s work throughout his career. He was and will always will be an inspiration to us all. God bless you Jack. You will live in our hearts forever.

  107. As a 21 year old Chiropractic student at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and son of two chiropractors, Jack LaLanne has always been a house hold name. Countless people are in better health because of Jack. He will be missed. My dad did a seminar on Saturday in Chicago on the history of chiropractic and his story was told the day before his death to hundreds of young people.

  108. It is hard to even begin to imagine a world without Jack Lalanne. It seemed like you always wanted to know how long you could “keep it up”. I wish that was one question that would have never had to have been answered….
    We will miss you dearly Jack, my heart goes out to you Elaine and your family. Jack will undoubtedly remain in our hearts forever where we will be forever in your debt.
    Thank you for being the best and always giving us your best.

  109. One of the true greats — I remember watching his show as a small child growing up in New York in the late ’60s. I’m glad he kept that ‘never say die’ attitude to the very end.

    One can’t help but be happy over the fact that he had such a long and active life, but it’s safe to say that everyone will miss his true joy of life.

    Many thanks Jack, condolences and best wishes to his family.

    Melbourne, Australia

  110. Jack will be dearly missed! I would love seeing him on different things throughout the years and his uplifting encouragement would radiate throughout me, and eventually to my son. My son is now 17 years old and Mr. LaLanne was an inspiration, and still will forever be, to him.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children and all his family!

    Surprise, AZ

  111. Jack,

    You were my hero. You inspired me from the moment I learned your story, as you did with so many others. As a fitness professional, I’ve only had one person I’ve looked to as a role model- Jack LaLanne. Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that your legacy will continue to do.


  112. From the people in Latin America”:

    “Millions of thanks Jack, you’r legacy and example of life will be stay with us forever”

  113. God Bless you, Jack! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us and showing us how to live healthy and be fit and strong. You’re a hero to me and many others and although we will miss you, your teachings will live on for decades to come.

  114. Jack Lalanne is one of the last great natural bodybuilders. His feats of strength endurance 1000+ Push up’s, Dips, etc will never be broken in my option. I feel sad for the up and coming generations. All the true heroes are gone. John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, George Eiferman, Jules Bacon, Fraysher Ferguson, now Jack Lalanne. They all built their great physique with hard work and good eating no needles and drugs. They were walking Greek Statues of physical perfection. How can kids admire these clowns of drug use and implants, ect. As Marvin Eder once said they should call it “Mr. Chemical”.
    I will miss you greatly Jack, your picture will be up in my home Gym with the rest of the natural greats. My next workout will be in your honor. Rest in Pease, you were one in a million and there will never be another Jack Lalanne.

    Justin Ward

  115. How very sad we are to have lost such a great man. My grandmother would sit me down in front of the TV when he was on and we would listen to his pearls of wisdom and exercise. She always told me to eat fruits, vegetables, juices and WALK, WALK, WALK. The video clip on you home page is so true. How he foresaw that this great country would go to couch potatoes with over-weight and no respect for the human body is amazing. We will miss his knowledge most of all. My condolences to your family and I know he’s in heaven saying ‘get off that cloud and exercise’. God bless him.

  116. What an inspiration! He helped my mom get back in shape after having four kids, and then helped me do the same years later after my two were born.
    Hope many others will be encouraged and inspired by his positive outlook and healthy lifestyle.
    We’ll miss you Jack!

  117. Rest in peace JACK. you were always a good role model and u will be sorely missed. as a young man one of my first jobs was working in one of your gyms. VAYA CON DIOS.

  118. Some of my earliest memories are of Jack’s exercise routines on TV. A great guy (love the juicer product). He will be missed. Please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss.

  119. (I posted this yesterday under a different post because Jack’s passing wasn’t mentioned on the blog. I’ll post this here now. Bless you Jack!)
    Good-bye dear Jack. What an amazing life you’ve enjoyed, helping others reach their healthy potential. As a girl, I watched you and Happy and you instilled in me a desire to exercise and eat right. As an adult, I admired and respected – love my Power Juicer. This year was the year I was committed to getting back to my active, exercising, healthier self. You said “It’s never too late.” I’ll do it Jack – inspire me from heaven where I’m sure you are and getting all the angels in shape. Blessings to you for all you’ve done for others. You changed the way we think about exercise and being fit! Pam

  120. Dear Elaine & Family,
    I would like to express my condolences to you at the passing of your husband & father. We didn’t know each other, but I became a fan as a new mother struggling with my weight & energy. Jack made such a difference in my life. Always a bright spot whenever you & Jack appeared on TV. We shall surely miss him.


    Jean Merriott

  121. As Jack’s family and friends grieve his passing, we join them in our own personal feelings of loss. Isn’t it odd how you can feel so close to someone you’ve never actually met face to face.

    Now is the time for all of us who have learned and grown healthier through Jack’s (and Elaine’s) wisdom and guidance, to do things for ourselves and for others, thinking, “this would please Jack.” Ultimately that is the best memorial we can offer him.

    Maybe it’s going back to one of his exercise DVD’s, or pulling his “Cooking with Jack” book back out of the bookcase for another go at fitness. Maybe it’s sharing what you’ve learned from him with others, each one teaching another.

    I’m sure many feel as I do, the day after the news of his “graduation” to The Other Side…although if you think he’s going to leave his beloved “LaLa” you are sadly mistaken! I’m convinced he hit The Other Side, did a fancy footwork kick as though he were swimming, reversed direction and came right back to Elaine where he will stay to watch over and protect her. But to get back to my point, surely many felt that the world was still okay, as long as Jack was here with us. He believed that anyone could get fit if they worked at it, and he he showed us how. He distinguished the right ways from the blind alleys, and kept us on course, like a North Star of ftness.

    Now it’s up to those of us who have read his books, watched his tapes and DVD’s, and believed in him and his message, to keep his work alive. We have to become the best that we can be, and share what we know with those who are interested. And each day that we work at fitness we can think, “that would please Jack.”

  122. A life well lived and a true inspiration to anyone who cares about their health and fitness. A man way way ahead of his time. Simply an amazing person. God bless Jack LaLanne !!!

  123. My condolences to the family. There was something very pure and innocent and very honest about his teaching. It came from the heart. Just knowing Mr Lalanne isn’t around any longer, will sadden me. He has been an inspiration for years. RIP, Mr LaLanne!

  124. We all learned a lot from Jack. He was an inspiration to many people. He inspired me to start juicing! He will be missed! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time.

  125. Farewell to you Jack.
    The more I read and learn about Jack, the more I am inspired to be all that I can be. This man was an inspiration that will continue through the good work he started. RIP Jack.

  126. Hello. I offer my deeply sincere condolences to the wife and family of Our American Hero, and my personal hero,
    JACK LALANNE. I write these words with tears in my eyes.
    Mr. Lalanne, was and always be an inspiration to me…May GOD comfort you all in this time of mourning. And believe me when I write,that, although I never had the honor or privilege to meet Jack Lalanne, I grieve and mourn with you all. Jack Lalanne, rest in peace… I will always remember you !

  127. IAm so sad to hear of jacks passing but he did what he set out to do is to be healthy and strong to the end he is a hero to me becouse he spent his life to help people to do the same.becouse of jack I been working out and eating wright for 6 years now he saved my life I am 48 now and feel like am 20 jack will live forever in my eyes God bless the lalanne family.

  128. I’m very sorry to learn of Mr LaLanne’s passing. I was expecting him to go on forever. He will of course, as he is an American legend. I still remember my mother exercising to Jack’s show on TV many years ago. I want to better myself by exercising and eating better. I will have to get a juicer now for sure. Jack LaLanne will be missed. RIP

    God Bless him and his family

    Art Hanlon JR
    Chester, VA

  129. I’m a high school student and a huge fan of what Jack Lalanne has done with his life. When I heard that he passed away I was sad, but he had a full life and accomplished many things. I hope that more people of my generation will hear of him and be as inspired by him as I am. God bless Jack and his family!

  130. Jack,

    I was shocked at your passing. I hope you realized how much you were loved,and I don’t use that term lightly, but America. You were my hero, when I was a kid, and now as a 49 year old man. Enjoy your rightful place in Gods kingdom

    Love the Canale family

  131. I grew up with Jack and will truly miss him. I don’t think I cried this much when my own fathre passed but Jack is an inspirational institution and he will be missed. God bless you Jack, keep those angels in heanven fit!

  132. Jack LaLanne changed my life about 41 years ago. I read one of his books and started eating healthy and exercising.

    Jack LaLanne …

    “Life is great when your in shape!”

    “The King and Queen of good health is proper nutrition and exercise.”

    “Ten seconds on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.”

  133. I was sadden to hear of his passing. I remember as a child watching his exercise show on TV. I turned 50 in November. I have always tried to stay fit but have often done most of my workouts in the summer. Now that I am older I am determined to stay fit all year long and to eat healthy on a consistant basis.

    The world is going to miss Mr. LaLane. He truly is, was and wiill forever will be an inspiration to many.
    My prayers are with Elaine and their children

  134. I was lucky to see Jack & Elaine in person 2 years ago at a Seminar in Long Beach – thrilled to get a front seat center seat.
    We were all mesmerized by the amazing couple!
    It is sad to see the passing of such a sincere and devoted and beloved person.
    HOWEVER – he made a difference, truly a difference!
    To me ( i.e. the little people) and to famous people who got their start with him – like the Great Arnold who worked for Jack.
    Dr Bradley

  135. Stay Cool Jack! You will be missed but not forgotten.
    Our condolences to the LaLanne Family & Thank You for sharing with the World. Many of my neighbors have been raising a toast on Facebook today from their Juicers & yes, we have one too. (It seemed like a great idea if Jack & Elaine showed such enthusiasm & it has worked out yummy.) So in our house tonight, the carrott juice will flow with deep appreciation for both Jack & Elaine who have made a positive difference in this lifetime.

  136. Early 1950s. Small boy watching his mom close the blinds in a tiny track house in Chicago so she could work out with Jack on TV without friends seeing through the curtains. Mid to late 1950s. Moved to SF and was told to always admire the grit and discipline of someone who had by then become an old, family friend. Mom passed the need (read, fun) of working out to me and now, I think I’ve passed it to my children. God bless Jack LaLanne, and my sincere sympathies to his family.

  137. When I feel down I always think Of Jack Lalane and his many many many accomplishments to feel better. he worked out every single day, even into his 90’s. I always would look on his web site and see him and his beautiful wife. I used to exercise to Jack when I was a little girl, when he had the dog. I will never ever ever forget him. I am sorry for his wife, so sorry, bless her heart.

  138. He was a great role model of mine. I feel very badly.
    I know he would want us to learn from him, so I must ask, would a flu shot or some other preventative measure have prevented this?

  139. Jack was and will always be an inspiration to me. I was sad to hear of his passing. His legacy will never be forgotten.

  140. My condolences go out to Jack’s family. What a lasting legacy he leaves of optimism, cheerfulness, determination, hard work and spirit.

    He has made a lasting difference in the lives of so many Americans, myself included. I am only 30 – and by no means a contemporary of Jack – yet I have been touched by his life in a positive way. I love listening to his vintage pep talks and often think of his example when I need the motivation to work out.

    Jack never said it would be easy, but he always said it would be worth it. He was spot on in describing life as a battle eminently worth fighting: no other icon of our times has so vigorously embraced life.

    I know I speak for many others when I say that Jack will be sorely missed. He lived an outstanding life and doubtless made the world a better place for millions. May he rest in peace.

  141. I cannot find the words to express my sorrow at the loss of Jack LaLanne – a phenomenal leader, our national treasure, a human being who has influenced my life – and many others – in so many positive and inspiring ways. Although news of his passing breaks my heart, I know he lived his life to the fullest and with a passion and integrity that are truly rare in our world. We were blessed beyond measure to know Jack, and I believe the words “Well done, good and faithful servant” apply to him in abundance. God bless you Jack, and may your legacy live on forever.

  142. My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with Jack’s spirit and with the whole family. I have many of Jack’s books and he has truely been an inspiration to me. After my dad passed away last year I really wanted to avoid becoming old and feeble due to neglect. Thanks to Jack’s cookbook I got my whole family eating well and I started lifting weights again. I was truely inspired to do great things when I read Live Young Forever and from there I picked up more materials including Elaine’s books which I use daily. His zest for life really showed in all his writings. I feel so alive and happy when I read his works and am inspired to stay healthy & fit for life. In fact, I have him listed as one of the top four most inspirational people to me. (Jesus and Buddha are two of the others so he is in good company!)
    Jack continues to help the world. May his legacy live on, may his spirit be at peace, and may you all be filled with God’s blessings and strength. Best wishes from a fan.

  143. Rest in Peace, Jack! thank you for teaching us to take care of ourselves, and for inspiring us. “It’s never too late”.

  144. He was an amazing man! The world is better because of him! I know he’ll be dearly missed. My condolences to his loved ones.

  145. So very sad to loose such an incredible person. I grew up with Mr. LaLanne. There will be a huge, huge void in the world with him gone. He has inspired countless people and left a legacy that will live on forever!

    A. Hathaway
    San Francisco, CA

  146. I am deeply saddened by the death of Jack LaLanne. He is my hero; my lifesaver. Even though I never met him in person, I feel like I have lost a close family member. He did things that no one had ever done before. And when people told him it wasn’t possible, he proved them all wrong. Despite all the criticism he got from people, his message never changed; but their opinions did. I think one of Jack’s greatest achievements was his show. Critics said it would be off the air in six weeks(chuckles). It lasted for 34 years(smiling). What an accomplishment! As I look at the image above of that famous pose of Jack, I think of a man who practiced what he preached. Rest in peace Jack. Or should I say, exercise in peace.

  147. Thanks Jack for the role model that you will continue to be for me, hopefully for the next 40 years when I will reach 96.. I wish your family, friends and staff a good life in the future.

  148. Im going to miss Jack. Ive spoken on several sites tonight about how this person I never met in my life influenced my life so much. Even the jobs that I have been employed at throughout my life were effective due to the weightlifting techniques that I learned from Jack. I was endowed as a very strengthened female due to this mans slow steady muscle fiber stretching technique .Its unfailing.
    Even out of shape I can deadlift 200lbs. cold. I can carry 80lb. bags of crete always…..and its because I was made strong at an early age.
    You will be missed.

  149. For Dear Elaine
    My prayers go out to you and your family. Its hard to speak of Jack and not you because you are one.I hope you get to read this because it is heartfelt.
    Im a widow. Its not an easy road. Its going to make you mad at times,Its going to keep you sad a lot of times.But you have to remember that you are the Matriarch of the family now and must continue the legacy that you and your husband built. This period of your life will begin one of the most strengthening exercises of your entire life.
    I would like to modestly contribute to the continuation of Jack Lalane’s Legacy if you would allow me. Please contact me at Harleypyrate02@yahoo.com

  150. To the LaLanne family, may fond memories give you peace at this time. Jack was an inspiration to many people. Spreading the message that it’s never too late to make a healthy change in your life. My condolences to you all, may he rest in peace.

  151. I also want to send my deepest condolences to Elaine and the rest of Jack’s family. May God bless each and every one of you during this very difficult time.

  152. Jack has gone to join Charles Atlas, Sandow, Joe Bonomo, Steve Reeves, Samson (the long-haired Philistine slayer), and all the other great muscle man heroes. God bless his memory, God bless his family.

  153. You will be missed. My fond memories of you stretch from watching you as a child and then 7 years ago when my son was 5 we were fortunate enough to meet you and Elaine. The both of you were kind enough to pose with us for a picture and gave my son an autographed picture. I can only hope to live such a full, healthy, and loved life as you did, God Bless! ~ Jennifer and Christopher

  154. My condolences to all of you. I’d just recently rediscovered an old friend, and met someone else who idolized him. He will live on in our hearts and our memories. A lovely man that shined while doing what you could feel he loved to do.

  155. It was announced earlier on one of our BBC radio stations that the Legend that is Jack Lalanne had passed away, we have a lot to thank him for over the years.
    What would our local fitness centres be like if Jack had never been around and after all the technology he developed is still in use today, thanks to you Jack we have the tools and the knowledge to improve not only ourselves but the whole world!
    Rest In Peace

  156. Dear Jack,

    Thank you for all of your guidance. Although I did not have the great fortune of personally meeting you, your teachings have become the core of my life. You are a True Health Angel who God saw time to call home. Your perfect example and wonderful personality will be greatly missed by me and everyone who was touched by the Gospel of Health and Happiness that you so lovingly spread. I am eternally indebted to you.

    Your faithful student,

    Matthew Theisz

  157. Dear Jack’s family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss and ours. Jack was one of my favorite persons in the whole world. I remember him so well while I was growing up way back in the 60’s. I’ll also never forget Jack sending my two children and me 3 autographed pictures with personal messages to each of us for free. :) What a great guy!! I’m totally blind, and Jack has not only helped me stay in shape, but he has been such an inspiration to me and so many others. We lost one of the greatest Americans this country has ever had. I’ll sorely miss him, until we meet again. God bless you Jack!!! All our love, the Hall family.

  158. We have a lost one of Americas True treasures. Jack will be missed by many his inspiration will live on.

    Deepest sympathy to Elaine and family
    God Bless

  159. God bless the entire Lalanne family during difficult period. We all mourn the passing of hero Jack. Your husband and father was an inspirational leader who brought the joys of fitness to millions lives. Let us all commit ourselves to “do as Jack would do”.

    See you in about 30 years Mi Amigo.

  160. He was, and shall remain, an inspiration to those of us who have struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He was way, way ahead of his time. God bless you Jack!

  161. I am 56 years old and have seen fitness gurus come and go. Jack LaLanne was the one from my formative years. I even have a signed book of his that I inherited from my Mom, who was a fan also. I’ll always remember his admonition that it doesn’t matter what you can do, do it; if all you can move is your little finger, then move it! He was a great example for everyone, and his legacy at least will not die as long as he has even a single fan left. Please allow me to extend my most sincere condolences to everyone in his family…

  162. I’ll be turning 50 this year. I Remember watching Jack in my youth and I admired him for his longevity, I just saw him a few days ago in his juicer infommercial. I’ll be looking forward to being aquaintained with him in the Lords Kingdom.

  163. Thank you, Jack. I am proud to say that I once had the privilege of shaking your hand at one of your public appearances, and since then your autographed picture has always had a spot above my desk. There was never anyone like you, nor will their ever be anyone like you again- you put it all together- exercise, nutrition and positive attitude. You inspired me like no one else ever did and your teachings and example will be with me the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us all! I am sure God has a very special place for you up there and I hope to shake your hand again one day in the hereafter!

    -Don Lindich

  164. To Elaine, and Jack’s 3 children. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious husband and Father.

    I saw Jack 40 years ago at a seminar in Long Beach, California. I was 18 at the time. He had his big see through bowl, that he filled with coffee, cigarettes, donuts, and all kinds of other junk food. I was so affected by his lecture, that I became very interested in health, nutrition, and exercise. The health industry has been my career for the last 27 years. Thank you Jack.. you changed my life.


  165. I will miss you Jack LaLanne. You were a great inspiration to me and so many people in many ways. And the talks that you gave were exactly what the world needed. I needed it and was blessed by it. I will remember you for that and for how physically fit you were and how you cared about everyone and skillfully taught everyone. You were the best and most helpful instructor that I’ve ever known or heard of.
    My sympathy and love to you Mrs. LaLane.
    Love and prayers,
    Linda Lung
    Fresno, CA 93723

  166. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jack’s friends and family. I’m so sorry for your (and everybody’s) loss. I watched Jack from when I was a young boy and have always admired and looked up to him. Seeing him fit and working out and preaching exercise and diet way before anybody else was quite inspiring. I competed in bodybuilding when I was younger and still to this day work out and many of Jack’s quotes and beliefs will live on forever.

    RIP Jack, you will be missed greatly.

  167. The legend of Jack will only grow from this day forward. He is the father of fitness and will never be forgotten. His energy and love of life touched everyone, and his strength and stamina amazed millions. He was a great husband and father and his wife was the love of his life. There will be no couch potatoes in Heaven now that Jack LaLanne is there ! The man single handedly created an industry and the fitness revolution. R.I.P Jack. We’ll miss you ! Elaine and family, you are in our thoughts.

  168. We’ll miss a great teacher, a pioneer in the fitness industry and an inspiration to us all. Whip heaven into shape, Jack!!!

  169. My thoughts and prayers are with the LaLanne family at this difficult time.
    I remember Mom exercising to Jack LaLanne’s black-and-white tv show in the early 1960s. He was memorable then and continued to be exceptional throughout the years. I agree that Jack has left our world a happier, healthier place.
    Thank you, Jack, for everything you taught us. We look forward to seeing you again in Heaven.

  170. My heartfelt condolences to Elaine, Yvonne, Dan and Jon.

    Jack’s tenacity and enthusiasm inspired the nation and the world. He was truly a pioneer and a visionary and I hope to follow Jack’s example by inspiring my own 15-month son to lead a healthy and happy life filled with daily exercise and good eating habits. Thank you Jack for everything you did to try to help people reach their full fitness and health potential. You were truly remarkable and one of a kind.

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  172. I want to express my deepest sympathy to Elaine and the children on the loss of your wonderful husband and friend. I can remember seeing him and Happy on television when we visited my Grandmother in Utah before television came to our small town in Montana.

    Our hearts are with you at this sad time.

  173. We’ll miss you, Jack. Thank you for your life’s work — you certainly did leave the world a better place than you found it. Condolences to your sweet wife and children. May the Lord bless and keep you.

  174. I cannot even begin to thank this man for all he did for the world of health and fitness. I have been a huge fan of Jack Lalanne for the last 10 years (I am 29) and was constantly following his blogs/interviews/infomercials. I wish I could come up with something wonderful to write, but there is just so much, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. All the best to his family and friends, and please, please keep this website up and running so people may continued to be motivated by his work.


  175. Thank you Mr. LaLanne for affecting my life in such a positive way. Your discipline, boundless energy, and positive attitude was and is such an inspiration to me and so many others I’m sure. Thank you for teaching me how to take care of myself, and how to love life even more.

  176. Jack, in the course of your life, its latter half, you came across my path twice; each was brief and anonymous, a casual passing through of each other’s space. In one instance your eyes didn’t even meet mine, in the other, we shared a laugh. But I took with me as a present from each encounter exactly what you wanted us all to have: a lift of mood, of attitude, of possibilities and resolve. Before those moments, you were a regular background reference in my life, an uncontested reference, like the dictionary. Today I am a 55 year old healthy, slim, active, mission-oriented male on a mission…a prototype Lalannian. My mission is not universal fitness, but fitness is an essential tool to achieve it, like breathing, and I don’t miss a chance to provide a simple exercise tip. So part of your culture is in me, and I am passing it down. Live on, Jack.

  177. I will miss you Jack..I loved it when I would come over to do your alterations and you’d sing a song to me.God bless.Marla Hill

  178. May Jack rest in peace. I just loved and admired him so. I watched Jack as a child. When I wanted to start an exercise program two years ago at 51, I tuned in to Jack’s old shows. Still pertinent. A legend.

  179. God Bless you Jack LaLanne, a true American icon. I grew up in New York City watching Jack’s legendary TV show. He imbued in me a sense of exercise and nutrition. His spirit lives on! I would like to relate a story to you Elaine. My cousin was on his way to Temecula from Turlock via Amtrak. He told me he saw you at the station on your way to visit your daughter. He assisted you with your luggage and told us what a wonderful time he had chatting with you. Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

  180. Jack saved and improved innumerable lives and he should br regarded as a hero in the same league as those that developed vaccines for polio, tetanus, etc. God bless him and hope and strength to his family.


  182. So sorry for your and the whole world’s lost…I remember him since my childhood, and loved exercising with him in my home. He impressed me so. A one of a kind individual…


  183. I am saddened by the great loss of Jack. I watched him as a child and he has been a personal hero of mine throughout my life. His inspirational words and energy will be missed. Aloha Jack…’til we meet again…

  184. Jack LaLanne was indeed a true hero and American and World Fitness Icon.

    I’m very sad to see him leave us. What an inspiration to us all.

    I’m glad to have been positively influenced by him.

    Roger Haeske
    The 43-Year Old Teenager

  185. God bless Jack and his family through this time. Rest in peace Jack, you will be missed and never forgotten! I am so grateful to Jack, who has impacted my life in many ways. Jack paved the way for fitness professionals everywhere, and introduced millions of people to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He is considered to be the “Father of Fitness” to many of us Personal Trainers, and we will carry on his legacy. We are eternally grateful.

  186. thank you Jack for all you did for me and my family, to help us to learn to appreciate fitness and eating right. Now I am sure u are working the saints into shape in heaven. put in a good word for the rest of us. we love u, u were the best, u definitely rocked us all. our condolences and deepest sympathy to family members left behind. you were a great inspiration to us all, the model of citizenship, the perfect gentleman, and smart way beyond and before your years. Thanks Jack, i will always have you in my heart, and mind.

  187. God bless you and rest you, Jack. You were a true inspiration and a role model, and I would wish that more Americans would heed your timeless message for health and well-being.

  188. Dear LaLanne Family,
    Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. Last week, I was watching Jack and Elaine LaLanne on PBS. It was 4am and I started to do the exercises and I felt great! The last time I “exercised” along with Jack was when I was about 4 years old in the late ’60’s, with my Mom, like so many students. I am now exercising daily and my husband even joined me the other day. I wish I would have followed my inclination last week to write to thank you. So now, I am thanking all of you, especially Mrs. LaLanne. My deepest sympathy for your loss. “May the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort” comfort you and bring your heart and mind peace. (2Corinthians 1:3,4)


  189. May he rest in peace. My condolences go out to his family and friends. He seemed like a gentle man that accomplished many feats. I hope to live such a long life like Jack did. I may never be able to pull 65 boats behind me, or swim with shackles and handcuffs on me, but I hope to reach the same age.

    He’s definitely inspired many people to do things they may not have normally done. He puts confidence in you that you never though you could have. Definitely a true legend.

    R.I.P. Jack.

  190. Our prayers are with the LaLanne family and we know that the angels in heaven are working out more than they were last week.

  191. Please send my condolences to Jack’s family. His big smile and joi-de-vie will be missed. I lived in Los Angeles when he did his swim in the harbor and was very impressed. Take Care!!! SFH

  192. I regret for loss of the Great Person! Let his soul is based with the world.
    Moscow, Russia
    Сожалею о потере Великого Человека! Пусть его душа покоится с миром.
    Москва, Россия

  193. To be honest, I didn’t know Jack or what he did in his life, and only found out about him through the BBC News this morning.
    After hearing of his passing, I visited his website to see what kind of person he was, and was surprised to find a good looking down to earth man who not only cared about his own health and fitness but the health and fitness of others.
    I’m sure he will be truly missed, by his family and friends.
    On a personal side, I am recovering from a bad back injury, but couldn’t resist the change to get up and do the exercises he was teaching us on his show (Jack La Lanne Show), and thou a little painful, I enjoyed it. I’ve decided that I will watch his shows in the mornings and take part in his daily exercise program
    I just wanted to let you know even after his passing he still influences total strangers, from all over the world.

  194. Jack LaLanne inspired my father with his brand of fitness.

    My father passed away in 2007, and was 79 when he went to meet the Great Architect of the Universe.

    His legacy to me was that he woke up at 5am everyday, did half an hour of calisthenics under the guidance of Jack (my Dad would watch his programs everyday), had a quick breakfast and would leave for work at 6am. He did this for 50 years and lived an active life for muc of it.

    I grew up listening to the song he used to sing at the end of each Jack LaLanne Show.

    He’s my inspiration to this day and will be till I move on to hang out with my Dad and Jack in the great beyond.

    Jack LaLanne deserves to be honoured by the Global Fitness industry.

    A great example, a great athlete, just a great kinda guy!

    ‘Nuff said….

    See you in 40 years Jack,


  195. At a half century in age, I am a Jeet Kune Do practitioner and lay nutritionist of many years. For decades I marveled at Jack LaLanne’s unbelievable muscle tone and endurance ability, and wonder if he would have also beat out the legendary Bruce Lee in a fitness contest, just as he did to a 21 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Jack LaLanne will remain an icon of inspiration to all who value a healthy lifestyle and who strive to embrace his ideal of physical fitness.

  196. thoughts & prayers to his family & friends. the world has lost someone who proved that age is just a number & anything is possible. i will always remember meeting him as a little girl (approx 40 yrs ago WOW!) he had a setup for kids who played games and the winner of each game won a prize. not sure if it was taped or not. the only problem was there were prizes for girls and different ones for boys. i was quite the tomboy but HAD to pick from the girl prizes. oh well. thank for the memories

  197. Thank you Jack for a lifetime of keeping health, fitness, and nutrition front and center for billions of people on this planet. You will be missed!!!!

    Prayers and condolences to your family.

  198. I will always remember Jack for his dedication and longevity in the field of wellness, fitness & nutrition. He is certainly an International Icon of fitness. My wife and I had just mentioned his name no more than 2-weeks ago as we discussed the natural of fitness in the USA.

    My condolences to the family,

    JP & Sharon Saleeby

  199. Jayne Michelle says:
    January 24, 2011 at 1:54 pm-revised
    As my husband was leaving for work this morning, I said: “I think I’ll exercise with Jack this morning” He smiled and nodded, he knew what I meant, because I’ve always told him that Jack’s exercises are the only ones that make me feel like I’ve targeted areas quicker than other exercises. Within a few minutes my husband calls me and he asked if I had been watching the news, I hadn’t and then, he proceeded to tell me the sad news of my dear Instructor, Jack LaLanne having gone to rest (John 11:11-14) My heart begin to hurt as my eyes swelled with tears~ “To his dear wife, Elaine, family and friends, many warm thoughts and prayers in your behalf (John 6:40; Revelation 21:3,4)

    I was born in 1963 and as far back as I can remember, sitting in front of my TV waiting for Jack LaLanne to come on so I can exercise. He made me happy! And I just want to say, “Thank you”

  200. Eight Lessons from the life and work of Jack LaLanne
    1. He bootstrapped himself and was a self-made man. A scrawny little kid, sick at 15, , he became a prodigy of the Health Pioneer Paul Bragg, who brought him back to health, and who still sells Health Books on Amazon. Bragg, in turn was also a sick young boy when he sought out and became the pupil of Bernarr MacFadden, the Father of Physical Culture and the publisher of the first Body Building magazine in America. MacFadden was the first man to run for President on a Health Ticket and he got 3 million votes. Jack decided to follow Bragg’s example, in turn Mac Fadden’s example and change who he was and how he was perceived, and then he did it! Jack’s decision was as important as his action. Another man following in these footsteps and very active today, who knows the power of decision is Bill Phillips: A body builder and author of the Best Selling “Body-for-Life.”
    2. Jack went for the best! He didn’t merely open a small gym, a more pleasant version of the boxing gym, which was all that existed at the time. Instead, he created the entire idea of a Classy Health Club, including a juice bar, and instructors. He had over 70 Jack LaLanne Health Clubs at one time, all over the country. He did these things beginning 70 years ago.
    3. He started small. No venture capital, no big media partners.
    4. But Jack understood the power of the media. If it weren’t for his TV exposure, we might never have heard of Jack. But I don’t think so, he was determined and a winner! Jack used access to the media to earn trust and to teach his way of Health & Strength. What Jack had to offer he offered with integrity, honesty and for free! He understood the value of getting attention. Probably learned from Bernarr MacFadden, who began his career as a grip for Florence Ziegfeld the famous Broadway producer, who was a master of PR.
    5. He was smart enough to avoid prime time TV. Jack never compromised, he never had a variety show on CBS or NBC. He was able to change the culture from the fringes of TV. He can justly be called the Father of Fitness & Health.
    6. He owned the rights to 3,000 of his own shows which he syndicated worldwide.
    7. He stuck with his truth. He didn’t worry about it getting stale or having to reinvent it into something fresh. Jack stood for something, which is rare, and he was smart enough to keep standing for it.
    8. Jack lived the story. He followed his own regimen, even when no one was watching. In his words, “I can’t die, it would ruin my image.”
    Last week at 97, Francois Henri “Jack” LaLanne left this world. I don’t think he has to worry about ruining his image! His image lives on.
    Just FYI I have been a follower of Jack and the Health Pioneers who came before him for the past 35 years. It was their knowledge and inspiration that gave me the impetus to open my own Health Resort; “FineWay House, Teaching the Fine Way to Health” on the Ocean in Florida in 1982.
    We all, who include Health and Nutrition in our lives, owe a debt of gratitude to Jack LaLanne and these other Health pioneers. Who knows? Without Jack and those who came before him we might not be health-conscious at all today.
    Thanks, Jack!

  201. Jack was a true visionary, fitness pioneer and American hero. What an inspiration to us all and a great example of the benefits of healthy living!

  202. We haven’t really heard of Jack over here in the UK, which is a shame. I first saw him on an info-mercial for the Juice Tiger and thought “what a crazy guy! But so full of life, so full of energy!”.

    A true pioneer and someone who could inspire us all to live a healthier, a happier life.

  203. I remember seeing Jack on TV in the 60’s, when I was a young child.

    He has been a true inspiration to my generation to eat properly and to exercise our bodies.

    A man with a focus and a drive.

    May you find your rewards in heaven for all of the help you have have given to so many.

  204. Jack LaLanne was truly an inspiration. The man has passed but the legend will live on in the hearts and minds of those he inspired.

  205. Our thoughts are with all family and friends at this difficult time. Our love from St Andrews in Scotland. From Jackie and Tony Gordon. We met Jack in 2005 at Muscle Beach. Sorely missed but living on in so many ways. Thank you.

  206. This is just a note to acknowledge the life of a man I admired since I was a young man of about 10 or 11 years.
    I saw him on television at my Grandparent’s Home when I used to visit my Aunt Anna who lived there until her death in about 1995. Jack’s program was a favorite of my Aunt. She was very good to me, always kind, and I suppose that made an impression, i.e., she watched Jack, and therefore, so did I. I actually recall doing some exercises with him. I liked his sincerity, and genuineness. He, in a way, was a Super Hero of his day, Yes? Well, I am 64 now and still find him to be an inspiration. If I am correct, we may have an original Jack LaLanne Juicer, the early, early model! And, one of the recent generations too! So, my condolences, for the his passing. He left a wide path behind him and his calliber of gentleman made the world a little better. God Bless you Jack LaLanne.

    Larry O’Renick

  207. Jack was a part of my childhood. I can remember him on television. He inspired me as a youngster to be active and fit, which holds true today. I used to go yearly to an exercise physiologist in the Bay Area who worked with Jack. I liked that, albeit distant, connection with the master. I was saddened to hear of Jack’s passing and I wish his family well. Jack, you were an inspiration to all those who knew of you.

  208. The world will miss this incredible, remarkable human being. However, Jack LaLanne will live forever in our hearts. I grew up watching and excercising with Jack LaLanne and my mother every morning. I still remember both his beautiful white German shepherds, Happy and Smiley. God bless Jack LaLanne and his family. I’m betting he’s already got the angels in heaven doing one finger push ups.
    Jack, you will NEVER be forgotten and you will always be missed.

    With Love

  209. I remember watching TV and exercising with Jack when I was a kid. Thanks for my life of fitness Jack LaLanne you left this world far better than you found it. Peace to his family in this most sorrowful of times.

  210. My wife and I will miss you Jack. You and your wife encourage not only fitness but a way to live happyly and lovingly towards each other.

  211. One of my all time heroes! Have “followed” him ever since watching his TV shows when I was in elementary school so long ago. He certainly lived a full and very positively influential life!!!

    Geoffrey Levens, L.Ac.

  212. Hi,

    I felt moved to send you a copy of two comments I posted on two yahoo online articles of our dearly loved American hero and role model.

    (comment one)

    God bless you Jack, see you in Heaven one day.
    Thanks for all you gave, that is another one of your secrets, giving!
    Exercise and diet are everything.
    A little less meat, and if you practiced Urine Therapy (you wouldn’t have gotten pneumonia, and, if ever sick, the UT would have healed you, urine is sterile, and God’s vaccinations, not the poison the AMA kills us with), with your exercise, eating habits, love and persistence, you would have hit 120, the age we are to hit, as the bible says, after the flood of Noah.
    God bless you, THANK you, and I watch and do your online daily (50’s, black and white) exercise routines, YOU WERE SO FULL OF LOVE, AND CONCERN FOR THE WELL BEING OF ALL.
    Send us some prayers and love from Heaven, brother.

    (comment two)

    Q: When is a 5’7″ man a giant?
    A: When his name is JACK LaLANNE!
    You are appreciated, loved, and will be missed, you American hero.
    You loved God, and all people, showing the way to great health via proper daily exercise, proper diet, proper attitude, and the proper way of life.
    You are the ONLY exercise video I watch, because of your ATTITUDE! (and results!).
    You are loved and missed, send some prayers from Heaven.
    You should have hit the 120 mark, as man is to live to 120, after the flood of Noah (Genesis 6:3) but the Chemtrail spraying from the usa air force is killing us, that is the one thing you could not protect yourself from (they took 24 years from you, brother).
    From Heaven with God, ask for God to move the hearts of the Chemtrail pilots to stop spraying us, day and night, with Barium and Aluminum ON PURPOSE (not contrails, but CIA Operation Cloverleaf: CHEMTRAILS).
    Barium is 10,000 times more toxic than lead, and Aluminum which causes Alzheimer’s is present in our soil 50,000 times above safe levels.
    Thank you for your love and example!

    (end of posts).

    this next part is not posted, and, private, for the family, ONLY, please:

    Don’t ask me how to explain, but, Jack is in Heaven, and spent a BRIEF time (after his death, of course), in Purgatory, but now is home with our Father.

    I know of specifics, with just less than a handful of people, but I have been “revealed / told / seen” Jack go from Purgatory to Heaven.

    Heaven and Purgatory are both QUITE real, and Jesus said few people go to Heaven (Matthew 7:13-14).

    and He said of the few who go to Heaven, MOST of those FIRST go to Purgatory (Matthew 5:26).

    many people who go to Purgatory, are there, until the end of time, Jack wasn’t “lucky”, Jack did God’s will, LOVED, and GAVE.

    This is no joke, and I send my condolances, prayers, thanks, and love.


    and as I wrote this, I am afraid to say what just happenned, but be assured, Jack just sent me a real tangible proof of this, and his soul is with God.

    I am nor fooling, nor trying to get wierd nor strange, especially in this time of pain and loss, but Jack is home, and Heaven has no end, and is indescribable joy!

  213. You devoted your life to showing others how to better themselves and you devoted yourself to your principals…

    “The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to be.”
    — Socrates

    Thank you Jack.

  214. I love you and Jack, even though we never met! Fans are spread all over the world and in unlikely places. Look at the comments started here by middle-aged fans:


    Many people in mourning, like myself, have found comfort in watching Owl Boxes on Ustream on the internet for free. You can Google it. Highly recommended and that is how I found John “VacaDude” Atkinson, too1

  215. He will always be an inpiration to all, especially to those in the fitness community. He motivated so many to better their lives through eating healthy and working out. My condolences to the family.

    fitness forever,
    Hollis Snell

  216. I will always appreciate Jack for his great example.
    Thank you for being a pioneer in fitness and thank you for your motivation.

    May God bless you and your family always!

  217. I admired Mr. LaLanne for many years and had the opportunity to teach fitness at Jack LaLannes Health Spa in Inglewood, Ca. I extend my condolences to the family, Jack LaLannes was a great man.

  218. Dear LaLanne Family,
    I want to express my appreciation for your father, Jack Lalanne. My aunt was a devoted viewer of the exercise show and would get me up to exercise with her. This was when I gained an appreciation for fitness. I even have a picture of Jack on my people of influence wall! It has been said that Kenneth Cooper is the father of aerobics, but with all due respect, Jack LaLanne is the father of the entire fitness movement. Again my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  219. I still remember watching Jack and Happy when I was a boy living in San Diego. He was a gentleman, a hero, and a true inspiration. I will miss him greatly. My condolences to all his family and co-workers.

  220. I came across Jack LaLanne today when reading a tribute to him on another blog. I started looking around online for more information about him and found his Wikipedia page and this site. I have been reading about his fantastic accomplishments. I also watched his first TV episode.
    For years I have been using weight machines, while reading books about the importance of daily exercise and good nutrition. All that time, without realising that I had this man to thank.
    I have been looking around the internet tonight for inspiration to keep going with my fitness, I have found it here. Thank you Jack LaLanne! I look forward to reading more about him and learning from his years of good advice.
    I hope you keep this site going for a long time to come. There are still many people out there in the same frame of mind as his 50’s audience who need advice like this. Only a short while ago I was trying to convince my wife that she wouldn’t turn into Arnold if she lifted a few light weights!
    He was obviously a very good man and I was sad to read that he had passed away. I would also like to pass my condolences to his family and friends.

    All the best to you all


  221. My deepest condolences to the family. My wife and I met Jack and Elaine at Rudy and Virginia’s Smiths 50/80 party a couple of years ago and I was incredibly impressed by the force of his personality even in the few words he had for us.

    He will be greatly missed.
    Employee of the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs

  222. During my grade school years, I recall how I used to run home to watch the Jack LaLanne show. I especially enjoyed exercising along with him and listening to the practical messages he delivered. I even remember when his dogs appeared on the show. My brothers and sister used to tease me when I exercised, but then they eventually saw that I was serious watcher-doer. In recent years, I was glad to see that he was still going strong and would watch his Power Juicer commercials. Mr. LaLanne, thanks for inspiring me to live a healthy life. Many blessings.

  223. ack LaLanne was my first introduction to the fitness lifestyle. My mom and I watched The Jack LaLanne Show in our basement on TV with a chair & broomstick, and I used to work out with her when I was 5 years old.
    Always amazed at his accomplishments of human feats, and his energy. I am now 48 years old and know I have plenty more years ahead of me!!

    Jack was ahead of his time, and there is no-one like him today.
    He was one of my fitness idols.

    RIP Jack!

  224. I Have no idea what a world looks like with out
    Dear Jack. Our families hearts are heavy.

    Jack LaLanne… You all already sorely misssed. Our Prayers are given to Elaine and the family.

    I posted the minute I heard the news.I have no idea why there are no comments here..Others must have have problems posting as well.

  225. What a wonderful person. An inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people. Sincere condolences to his lovely wife and family. The world was a better place with him in it.

  226. I was saddened to hear about the loss of one of the greatest men to have lived and my role model. We will all miss you Jack Lalanne.

  227. Dear Elaine, family, and fellow LaLanne students. Jack is one of my earliest role models. As a young boy, I used to exercise in the living room watching Mr. LaLanne on TV. I have read his books, followed his fitness instructions, juiced daily, eat a vegetarian diet, and followed his guidance on positive living and thinking. He has been one of my life’s biggest influences, his words and teachings remain with me everyday and his example inspired me to become a naturopathic physician. Jack is still with us, more than ever. He is watching over us to make sure we stay on the healthy path, and somehow I think the heaven is filled with his newest group of students and the angels are taking turns putting down their harps and a following Jack in extended arm push ups and Jumping Jacks.
    I remain always, Jack’s Faithful Student,
    Good Health and Stay Strong,
    Dr. Joe

  228. Jack, you were one-of-a-kind! You were (and are) an inspiration to everyone. I am privileged to be able to say that I knew you and LOVED you. You were my hero, my idol. You will be missed. At least we have all your TV shows, videos, books, records, tapes, and CDs so you WILL live forever. God bless you.

    Your Friend,
    Stuart Shostak

  229. Elaine and family,
    God bless and keep you in the loss not only you have had, but all of America has experienced. Jack was certainly a man who most of us should emulate…inspiring, idealistic, optimistic, motivating, encouraging, wanting only the best for everyone. I was so sure he would live on with the healthy lifestyle he possessed, but God brought him home. I am sure he has the angels and maybe even St. Peter himself working out..he will surely be missed. Rest in Peace, Jack. The Lord knows you worked enough in this life.

  230. God bless you, Jack and accept you into His light. I will miss you as you have been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to grow up to be just like you! Thank you for all you have done. You are the best!
    My condolences to the LaLanne family; especially to you, Elaine. I cannot imagine your loss. Your lifelong partner. May your memories of the special love you shared bring peace and joy to your heart. Jack is still there with you. Always. Peace and love, Dana

  231. God bless you, Jack LaLanne. I’m sure He will give you a most loving “welcome home” up there. For Heaven is where you belong, for having helped so many millions of people for so many years, including me. A thousand thanks for the tremendous good you’ve done. You were a truly great and incomparable man, and I’ll miss you. But there is consolation in knowing that your beneficent legacy to mankind will live on, spreading the gifts of health and goodness to everyone you reach forever.

  232. I was very sorry to hear of your passing. Thank you for your inspiration over the years. My family and I will continue listening to your message of health via your excellent videos and books.

  233. Mr. Lalanne was my inspiration back in the mid 70s. I watched him on television while on vacation for the summer at my sister’s home in Wis. From that moment on I was getting into shape, lifting weights and getting bigger and stronger. At 50 now, I still walk 3-5 miles a day, excercise and drink my natural jucies I make. I felt a friend had passed when I saw the news on Jack Lalanne. But he made a world of a difference to me and the rest of the nation. He will be greatly missed but not forgotten.

  234. When I was a kid I would spend Saturday mornings with Jack. He was a mentor then and he is still my health, fitness, lifestyle, longevity mentor.
    Thank-you Jack LaLanne. Your legacy will be with us forever.

  235. I’ve been following Jack since I was a young boy. I am now a healthy and active 73 year old. Jack has had a great influence on my life. Do to his inspiration, I’ve been steadily exercising all of my adult life.

    I was deeply saddened at his passing. His family can take solace in the fact that Jack has aided and inspired millions of people throughout the world.

    I will miss him. Ted

  236. I am very sorry for your loss. I wanted to let you know that Jack was certainly a huge inspiration and many people are around longer to enjoy their families because of him. He changed the world! God bless and comfort you during this time.
    Love Rain

  237. God Bless the LaLanne Family, Jack touched all of our lives and he will truly be missed. I am sure he is giving those angels a workout they never had =)

  238. We love you Jack.
    You are in heaven for all the good you did and you are joined by Dr. Paul Bragg.
    Thanks for everything you have done for me and others.

  239. I have wonderful memories as a 3 & 4 Year old little girl of my Mom exercising with a chair in our livingroom to your program. She is 62years young and still physically fit today. Was sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for motivating and encouraging so many to do better for themselves.

  240. I want to honor and pay tribute to the passing of fitness pioneer Jack Lalanne- his desire to see lives improved through fitness, created our great industry- We who have served in the industry pay our respects and say we admire all that you stood for- thank you for paving the way when you opened your first club in 1936 in Oakland- Let us never forget the foundation you laid.

  241. Please accept my condolences, along with those of an entire nation. His inspiration carries me along to becoming a fitness trainer in hopes of educating others about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. God bless his family and close friends. You are so fortunate to have known him as we, the rest of the world, only wish we could have. I, for one, will do everything I can to keep his dream of a healthy America alive.

  242. I have a gut feeling that something from the San Francisco Bay he inhaled in one of his many swims there, lodged in his lungs and killed him later.

    This is just something I feel as a sensitive but not always accurate “antennae” Sylvia Browne described it….. as she discussed our family to my Mom at a reading in Campbell Ca.
    Jack you are one of my biggest heroes and I remember your beautiful Mom playing Organ in your exercise shows in 50s! You are the definition of love of purpose enthusiasm!!
    Rest in peace my man and keep those ANGELS FIT!!!

  243. Jack was a great man who did a world of good. As an ultrarunner who competes in races of 100+ miles, I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for Jack and all that he did to motivate people to get started, test their limits and truly live. Jack had great vision and a unique ability to connect with people. He wasn’t just on the tube; he was connecting with you. Jack will be missed, but his legacy will always live on.

  244. If I had the chance to say anything to our true American Hero Jack LaLanne ~ it would be Thank YOU. Thank YOU Jack – for inspiring us with your undying passion for daily exercise and proper nutrition, and thanks for making it entertaining in the process! Thank YOU for setting an example of a true American Champion in our lifetimes, and Thank YOU for instilling in us the vital message of the importance of daily fitness for wellness – at a time when the world needs it most. Jack LaLanne – YOU are my hero.

    I remember my mom and Grandma Rose watching the Jack LaLanne Show as a little girl. To see these video clips of his original show today on this site as an adult, I was truly moved by his ability to bring the viewers in – and the rare and almost magical quality he possessed to make you feel like he was talking directly to you – one on one.

    It won’t be easy for someone to fill LaLanne’s shoes, yet not impossible. To also quote Jack’s pearls of wisdom on this site: “Anything in life is possible and you can make it happen.” If everyone today summoned up just a fraction of Jack Lalanne’s spirit, enthusiasm, discipline, and fortitude to do some type of exercise everyday, and eat right for our health, we could all “make it happen,” and this world, including today’s younger generation would be healthier, happier, and potentially live longer as a result of it.

    Through Jack LaLanne’s TV shows, lectures, books, videos, and countless superhuman feats of physical fitness and endurance, Jack LaLanne’s mission was to educate the masses and create a healthier, happy, and fitter world through exercise and nutrition.

    While LaLanne may have set the bar too high for the majority of us mortals to reach, his real, take home message is timeless and simple – eat right and get off your butt everyday to exercise!

    Let’s all do what it takes – starting TODAY – to “make it happen” by incorporating exercise and proper nutrition into our everyday lives. Jack LaLanne inspired the masses with his passion to make the world a healthier, fitter, happier place to live. Now it’s our turn. Aprilanne

    Aprilanne Hurley SFN, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
    Author, The Party Girl Diet
    Health Expert, California Living TV

  245. Jack was an incredible presence. I met him personally in 1970 at one of his health food stores near LAX in Los Angeles. He was a great human being who loved people and hated misinformation on the subject of health – and he had to battle ignorance all of his life. I think one of the reasons is because it was misinformation that caused him to be so unhealthy as a youth. We’re a lot smarter now, largely due to Jack and his enduring influence!

  246. I am so sorry and sad to hear that Jack LaLanne has passed away. He has been a great inspiration to so many of us with his example and gusto for life. My prayers go to all of the LaLanne family at this time. Jack will be sorely missed.

  247. I am very sorry for the passing of Jack LaLanne. He was truly a physical fitness great. He made the world a better place. His legend will live on. He has been my fitness hero for many years. May God be with family.

  248. Jack LaLanne was a true American hero. He knew early on that the standard American diet was detrimental to our health and his own longevity is a testament to what a healthy lifestyle can do. We should never forget the contributions he made to the health and fitness community.

  249. I have loved Jack all my life.
    My father is 87 and in wonderful condition because he followed his advice all these years. I just recently bought him one of Jack’s books as he is having a problem with his leg and it perked him up greatly.
    My grandmothers barn had all the exercise equipment I have seen Jack use and my father made much of it himself.
    I have always had a strong devotion to exercise and a healthy lifestyle and am hoping to become a personal trainer myself in the near future and I hope my boys will join me.
    I can’t say how devastated I was when I woke up extra early the other morning and heard the news. I thought for sure he would make it to be over 100 years young. I feel like I have lost a part of our family and my heart goes out to his. I will cherish his teachings forever and I am glad we were lucky enough to have him in our living room all these years!

  250. Under any other circumstance, no one becomes shocked when someone passes at the age of 96. But not so with Jack Lalanne! Because he did everything right. He lived the last 80 years of his life with energy, strength, passion, devotion and conviction. And it always showed on his body and in his voice. We couldn’t ask for a greater hero!!

  251. I LOVED YOU JACK! I will never forget you!! You were unbelievable. You lived a long life and your legacy will live on forever. When I think of fitness I always think of you. ETERNAL BE YOUR MEMORY +++

    Georgette Kostopoulos
    Phoenix, AZ

  252. I cannot believe how I felt when I heard the news. It was as if a good personal friend had passed, but then again that is what he had become to many of us.

    I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area watching his show, and when I was pregnant with both of my boys I exercised with him each morning via his show,and in the evening at his health club in San Jose. Because of him I was in better shape after my pregnancy than I was even before.

    Now as I head towards sixty, I was beginning to think it was okay to let myself go, after all, I’m getting old. Well, even just a few minutes on this site, and watching his first show reminded me just how wrong I have been thinking. I’m ordering the DVDs.

    Thanks Jack. You will be missed.

  253. Jack’s passing is the greatest individual loss to our country this century. Though I have never met him, he inspired me from a very young age to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I am now a fitness model represented by the largest fitness agency in the U.S., which I credit to his influence. On the recommendation from a friend, the flags at a certain General Dynamics facility in MA are now flying at half-staff in his honor. Our loss is heaven’s gain. God Bless you, Jack!

  254. I remember Jack LaLanne fondly from his broadcasts on WZZM TV 13 during the 60’s and 70’s.

    Jack had a style that was so fun, yet caring and down to earth – you couldn’t help but want to jump in and start excercising while watching in your living room. Indeed, Jack popularized the term “couch potato” as his definition of those who watched TV while grazing on chips and soda.

    He knew in his heart that the most dangerous weapon in a home was not the gun in the dresser… it was in fact the couch in the living room – America’s greatest killer was inactivity and eating the wrong foods.

    Jack had this knack for being able to reach through that phosporecent glass screen and get us up and motivated.

    I loved his tips for reminding us of how to keep moving and working during daily activities. And all of those healthful eating tips – my goodness! Jack was so far ahead of his time in the natural food movement. Every vegatarian, and health food lover should say a special prayer for his efforts. Jack was a trailblazer.

    Our family will miss his boundless energy, motivation, and joy of life.

    The best the rest of us can do in Jack’s memory is to keep his fitness, and heathy eating lesson alive to share with the generations to come. I think he would enjoy that more that a hundred stars on the walk of fame.

    The definition of a life well lived. Jack LaLanne, thank you for being the best! May the Good Lord Bless, and keep you too!


  256. Jack will be greatly missed. I am thankful for his shows now available online. They are a blessing. He will always be with us in spirit. No one today can compare with his shows and his gentle but firm way of motivating his students. I, also, grew up watching his shows. It means so much to his students to have the shows online.
    God bless you during this time of sorrow.

  257. Oh, just heard from Tony Robbins facebook. I so sad about it… i think he could make to 120 years. Hope his legacy for great health maintenance be remembered for upcoming years.. I’m one of his admire from Asia :)

  258. I grew up watching Jack on tv. I had several operations from birth until I was 12 years old. I was not expected to live when I was born. I am now 53. I have always admired Jack. He has inspired me to live a healthy and fit life.   I would have loved to have met Jack. I have bought any books and videos I have found on Jack, and his Juicer and    Blender. Jack was the best. I loved how he was natural in his health and fitness. Jack Lalanne was one of a kind. I was very saddened when I heard of his passing. If there was anyone that deserved to live to 120 years of age, that would be Jack. Jack was such an uplifting person and a very happy positive person. He will be missed by millions. My prayers go out to his family.

  259. Jack will always be thought of as a wonderful and inspiring man. He will be missed! I admire Jack for his constant optimistic and sweet outlook on life and his deep desire to help all.
    He is now an eternal shining star watching over us and guiding us!

  260. Wow! I say wow, because that’s how I feel about Jack LaLanne as he continues to inspire me; in fact, especially right now.

    I met him in the 1970s at a restaurant in Hollywood. I not surprised to find that he was as wonderful in person as he was on TV. He was personable, passionate, and sincere in his life purpose of bringing better health to the world.

    Jack LaLanne was the physical personification of something truly wonderful us as humans. And, now, Mr. LaLanne, after having crossed over, continues to do his work from the other side. Seriously, can’t you hear him now? Listen, really listen, and you will hear him urge you to stand up and be that which makes us great.

    We love you, Jack!


  261. Oh jeez, I read my comment after I submitted it and noticed some silly errors. I wonder if I can re-submitt it, corrected. And, please feel free to edit my comment if I, again, fail to catch errors. Here is the re-submission:

    Wow! I say wow, because that’s how I feel about Jack LaLanne as he continues to inspire me; in fact, especially right now.

    I met him in the 1970s at a restaurant in Hollywood. I was not surprised to find that he was as wonderful in person as he was on TV. He was personable, passionate, and sincere in his life purpose of bringing better health to the world.

    Jack LaLanne was the physical personification of something truly wonderful about us as humans. And now, after crossing over, he continues to do his work from the other side. Seriously, can’t you hear him now? Listen, really listen, and you will hear him urge you to stand up and be that which makes us great.

    We love you, Jack!


  262. Bravooo!!!! mister Lalanne, what an amazing person. Ive been working out and acomplishing my goals, its people like Jack that make anything they put their minds to possible. Thank you Jack for leading by example, an extraordinary life and lifestyle. He really knew how to live. My best wishes to the Lalanne family, may god bless you all.

  263. It was with great sorrow I heard of the passing of Jack. My mom and Jack were born the same year. My mom passed away almost 5 years ago but I can remember as a kid, heading out the door to school, my mom would say it is time for Jack and she would grab her chair to get ready to exercise. When I heard of Jack’s passing I immediately thought of those days and the enjoyment she got watching the show every morning. I send my deep sympathy to Elaine, the family and the staff of BeFit Enerprises.

  264. My deepest sympathy to family and friends. I worked out with Jack and Happy every day of my early married years. 1960’s and beyond. Thanks for all the inspiration and I continue to work out. Age 60. I will miss you but will never forget all you taught me!

  265. My prayers and condolences go out to the LaLanne family. Jack has touched many lives (including mine) in such a positive way. He will be greatly missed. God Bless you Jack. Larry L

  266. Jack, we will miss you dearly. You were decades ahead of your time. You made a difference in many peoples lives for the better and there is no finer legacy than that for anyone. God bless you and your family.

  267. Hello Elaine and the family,
    We wish to send our condolences to you and all the family members. My wife and I will always remember Jack and what he taught us with TV and books. We were little kids exercising as we watched Jack’s TV show and mom had the Glamour stretcher. The reruns of Jack’s show are here to help us every day and to show us how to eat right. I met Jack at my local mall back in the late 80’s and what a great show it was. Remember our friend Jack Lalanne will want all of us to keep up our workouts and don’t eat that donut. God Bless and like Jack said, “Be-Fit”

  268. Oh my word… When I heard this on the news on Monday morning I almost cried. I had recently read an article on my trip to London and Paris about Jack. I had listened to his song “Chicken Fat” in music class.I want to cry even now. Jack was so inspiring. He was an amazing man. I have started to become healthier lately. I’ve been doing push – ups, sit – ups, and jumping “Jacks” randomly in the house. Even squats! I prayed for Jack, his friends, and family that fateful Monday I heard the news. He always said, “I can’t die. It’ll ruin my image.” But now I look up to him more than ever. I intend to make the world a healthier place. At least by starting with me. I’ll take on more sports, do the Wii Fit Plus, and spontaniously break out in exercise moves. I will miss Jack even though I didn’t know him. I wish I could have. I missed getting a signed cookbook by a single day, too. Oh well… Jack WILL be missed. He is an influence to ALL people young or small, tall or short, boy or girl, EVERY WHERE.



    I LOVED YOU JACK! I will never forget you!! You were unbelievable. You lived a long life and your legacy will live on forever. When I think of fitness I always think of you. ETERNAL BE YOUR MEMORY +++

    Georgette Kostopoulos
    Phoenix, AZ

  270. Jack you have been my hero for a very long time… In fact I believe it was you and the first Jack LaLanne Health Spa that started my inspiration when I was 16 years old. I continue to honor you through my own diet and exercise program and work to inspire others through my website and blog and your teachings. You will live on forever!!!

  271. I remember Jack on t.v. when I was young. He was a great and inspirational man. My condolences to the LaLanne family. John N.

  272. The LaLanne Family has all my sympathy. It is important to remind ourselves that everyone we ever knew and ever saw will join Jack at one point or the other. Maybe I will get my chance in the future to thank Jack for all that he has done when he was here with us. I know he is looking down smiling at all of us. Jack, I hope I will be allowed to see you when I get up there. You was a real inspiration to me and my entire family.

  273. Jack’s life brought life to so many. He is my inspiration. I hope I can be as encouraging to the people I meet as he was with all of us.

    God Bless.


  274. he let me believe i could be healthy and fit when I was starting High school and was really fat.I never knew him, or all the things he did, but … I am sad knowing he is gone.

  275. Such a sad shock to hear about Jack on Sunday. I am still sadden days later to know Jack went home. I have told my husband for years that if Jack outlived Elaine, sorry Bob – I was heading to California! As a little girl, I was struck by the handsome man working his big muscles on tv with his white German Shepard. I own Jack’s juicer and use it sometimes twice a day. The grandkids really like fresh juice too! (We have a great compose bin) The world misses you Jack, don’t worry about your reputation….. I thank God for all you gave to so many of us.

  276. My deepest condolences to the LaLanne family. Jack has inspired me since I was a kid. Whenever someone complains to me about not wanting to workout or exercise or eat well (in their 50s/60s+), I always have tried to use Jack as an inspiration: “Well, Jack LaLanne was pulling boats in the water on his 60th birthday…” I loved watching his commercials in recent years. Rest in peace Jack.

  277. Jack will be missed by many. I grow up with my mom exercising with him in the am, she would have us all exercise with her to keep us close. To this day I still exercise daily. Mr. LaLanne taught, lived and inspired millions in how to stay health. My heart goes out to all his friends and family. I still have the first Jack LaLanne Rebounder I bought 20 some years ago, was looking to buy another, but cannot find one like mine; comes in one read piece where you just have to put the legs on, others have to open and pin open, just don’t feel safe jumping on such. Bless our new angel.

  278. To me, Jack is a testament to the power of a committed choice. In his early years, he chose to go in a whole new direction, and the new possibilities and vitality that went with that choice gave power to his life.

    What new choice and possibility might you and I make a decision about that would give renewed power to our lives?

    Other than that question to readers, I offer my gratitude to Jack for his commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people, and a big hug to his wife.

  279. I Live in Santa Cruz, CA. The Funeral that will take place in L.A., will it be open to the public? I understand if Elaine and family want it to be private but I and the rest of america would sure would like to give our respects. PLEASE let me know if and where the funeral will be. I have been looking online but haven’t seen it posted.

    my email is hollisbsnell@yahoo.com

    health is wealth,

    Hollis Snell

  280. Jack lived his life so well, that he brightened the whole world. I’ll never forget him, and amsPE greatfull for what he taught all of us.

  281. Even at the age of 96 Jack left us too soon. He will however live on in our hearts and in media. His many offerings in print and electrinic media will sustain his presence in our lives. In fact I’ve just recently ordered 2 more of his wonerful TV show DVDs. Seeing Jack on my television at 4:30AM each day is a continuing inspiration to me.
    Let me extend my fondest wishes for a healthy and bright future for the Lalanne loved ones. Be well

  282. My deepest condolences to the LaLanne family. An icon and an inspiration to all will be greatly missed. Heaven’s family will be in great shape with Jack to lead the way. God Bless You Jack, I will miss your positive leadership.

  283. Jack’s energy and vitality will live on in all those he touched & inspired. For the past few years, I’ve been promoting the idea of designating September 26 (Jack’s birthday) “Jack LaLanne Day”. Let’s make this date a National Day of Health when we all follow Jack’s lead in demonstrating our commitment to better physical fitness and nutrition by doing something positive, and possibly challenging, to improve our personal health. Learn more at http://JLLDay.org

  284. Im a lot younger than most of Jacks fans (32) but when i heard the news of his passing i gasped in disbelief. Then i got sad. What a great role model he was. A lot of people don’t realize it wasnt his desire to live forever, but to be able to LIVE while he was alive, and that he did. Over the past few days i’ve watched every interview i could find about jack. I was complete in awe of his love for life and his wife Elaine. I hope she continues Jacks mission. Im sure people could learn a lot from her. My sympathies go out to all who loved him.

  285. Jack was always one of my favorite people who I admired from afar but didn’t know. He made a difference in the world. He was an outstanding husband, father, and friend. I remember watching his show when I was a child and he really helped me form my ideas about health and fitness.I always admired that he wasn’t afraid to show his love for his mother, his country and God.
    With deepest sympathies to Elaine and family-May your beloved Jack rest in peace.

  286. The greatest testament to Jack LaLanne’s charisma, visionary endeavors and motivational talent is the uniformly appreciative and respectful tenor of all the messages which appear on this site and elsewhere on the web. In my numerous meetings with Jack and Elaine over the years, at health conventions, in his European Health Spas and once at his home in Hollywood Hills many years ago, I always found him to be genuine, unselfish, positive and supportive.

    When I first met him at the grand opening of his first spa in San Diego in the early 1970,s he took me aside, sat me down, pounded his fist on the table and changed my life forever. Because of his instrumental, initial influence, I stayed in the fitness and exercise physiology industries for more than 30 years and always tried to honor and replicate his outstanding, instructional and motivational techniques but, alas, there is only one Jack LaLanne and the standard he set will likely never be equalled.

    Jack was the quintessential American icon and, though he displayed consistent confidence and conviction, he was never egocentric or lacking in humility. He led all his followers to a better, happier, healthier life by example and proved that it is never too late to get in shape. He was truly one of my few life mentors.

    Jack LaLanne’s passing, as the great poet John Donne observed several hundred years ago, diminishes all of us because we are all a part of mankind. His legacy of giving and caring for others will be remembered forever.

  287. Mr. Jack, I will miss you dearly. I remembered exercising with you when I was 3 years old. Me & my Mom exercised with you while you were on TV. Even though when I was the tender age of 3, only a few things are remembered, and I remember this clearly. Me and my chair. Although I remember only 1 day of exercise, I have never forgotten after all of these years. You are the reason me & my Mom made exercise and eating healthy a part of our lives till this day. Miss Elaine, may GOD’S gentle comfort tenderly embrace you, bringing peace to your heart.

  288. What a amazing Man Jack La Lanne was and still will always be. I grew up watching him & Elaine on TV. You both were my inspiration. I was fortunate to work in one of his health clubs back in the 80’s that is where I got my start. I was only 18 and now at 47 I can still say I am as even more active now. Yes your health is your wealth. Thank You so much Jack & Elaine for sharing your thoughts & beliefs. We gotta move it or lose it. God Bless Jack & his family he will always be remembered.

  289. Ouch. This one hurts. We’ll miss you, Jack. Thank you for all you did for us.

    A good man. A class act that actually believed in and loved what he did. God, what a rarity these days.

    My condolences to the family. But please do not fret – Jack’s up in heaven putting smiles on faces. That I guarantee.


  290. Jack Lalanne was one of the greatest men who ever lived. His story and his enthusiasm and positive attitude inspired countless people, including me, and will continue to do so for many years. I often think about him when I exercise.

  291. I first saw Jack La Lanne on TV when I was five years old. He was the father I didn’t have, and my mentor for life. My mother just passed away on Jan 8, 2011, and then Jack on January 24th. These were two great American heroes of mine and I will miss them dearly and pray to them often. Thank you for making my life all the better for your love and influence. My heart and prayers goes out to Elaine LaLanne and the children and family.
    Love, Pattie Murphy

  292. I am praying that the comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ will be felt by your family. I have been inspired to better health with the help of Jack for the glory of God! I intend to continue to use the Trimnastics I have learned from Jack in my daily life. Thank you, Jack!

  293. To Elaine and the rest of the LaLanne family,
    My sincerest condolences on your loss. A pioneer, a truly inspirational individual, I always have enjoyed seeing Jack on television. His personality grandios and his outlook and humor so infectious he truly has made a difference in this world and he will be sorely missed. I hope that people can reflect upon his life and always remember how much he has done for all of us and continue his movement of living. I know I will. Thank you Jack!

    John v
    Canada, age 40

  294. I remember watching Jack’s TV show as a child and doing the exercises with him. As I got older life consumed me, hectic schedule took over, and I stopped exercising. I am now getting back on track with Jack TV again. He has proved the simplest movements work the best and his longevity in life is my inspiration to getting back fit again! He will be greatly missed and thank you Elaine and family for sharing him with us.

  295. Jack showed us how to eat right and exercise. Practiced what he preached. Age 96 and never got dementia, diabetes, heart disease, etc. etc. Think about it.You don’t need to end up in the nursing home.Thanks to Jack for inspiring me with all his sayings, which stay in my head always. Sorry you lost your partner, Elaine. By the way, Elaine’s book, Fitness after 50 , has helped me, too!

  296. Condolensces to the family of Jack LaLanne.
    He ran quite a distance in this fitness relay and nnow passes the baton to the next man to carry the next leg of the fitness race.
    Jack can never be eulogized properly, but I will remember his LaLanne -isms:
    1- dont eat anything with white flour or white sugar.
    2- if man makes eat, don’t eat it.
    3- FAT, stands for fatal, awful, terrible.
    Jack, “Now here’s my wish for you…. May the GOOD Lord bless and keep you too.” Goodbye my friend, au revoir.
    Andy Echenadia

  297. I heard about this right before the news went worldwide. Personally, I am truly saddened by this loss. My wife and I often watch a TV series titled “Beyond and Back” which talks about people’s experience having passed and came back. Although I never knew Jack and never met him I can’t believe that he hasn’t gone to that good place. I am overwhelmed with grief at his passing and am thankful that I was able to be motivated/inspired by someone with such a strong spirit and such true charisma. I hope that Elaine is able to be surrounded by those who love her. God bless all of you and thank you for spreading such a positive message in a world that makes it hard to do just that.

  298. Jack Lalanne is my inspiration!!! For years I have been telling everyone I know about him. He lost his dad at a young age and I lost my mom and other family members at young ages. My uncle passed away from a heart attack at 37.

    Thank God for Jack Lalanne and his committment to eating right no matter what and exercising. A good role model does what is right all the time no matter what.

    We need better role models out there. Jack Lalanne was right. Many American kids are getting more and more obese because they are choosing fancy processed junk foods instead of apples, oranges, and bananas. According to Dr. Mitra Ray “plant foods” have over 26,000 nutrients in them. Junk foods have close to zero nutrients.

    Jack was right. Health care costs will bankrupt US if we don’t start following his example…starting with the parents.

    Be a good role model. The most important person on the planet is “YOU”!!!

  299. To the LaLanne Family:
    I am so sorry for your loss. I grew up watching Jack’s show & exercising along with my mother. He was such an inspiration to me. He was such a role model for health & fitness. He truely showed what living a healthy lifestyle can do for you. He didn’t only teach it, he lived it. I work in a hospital and see most people in their 80’s have many memory problems & major medical problems. It was so inspiring to see Jack live such a long healthy life without those medical problems that plague the majority of older Americans. His life was a testimony to healthful living and that we truely are what we eat and that exercise will keep us young. He will truely be missed. RIP Jack.

  300. Used to watch his show back in the 1980’s couldn’t believe what great shape he was in at that time. He was a brilliant man, ahead of his time. His family will be in our prayers.

  301. Jack is a hero and an inspiration to the world.
    My mother watched his show in the 60s. She made exercise a priority in her life. Last year she was down hill skiing at age 77.

  302. Funny how I speak to other people about Exercise and Health in our weight loss clinic

  303. For the millions of people who knew Jack through his inspiring television programs, he was an inspirational icon, a fitness guru and a life motivator. He used to say he can’t afford to die and that it would ruin his image, but then again Jack is human and even though he passed on, he had left behind a legacy of knowledge, fans and followers all over the world. R.I.P Jack La Lanne, you’ve done well and lived life to the fullest.

  304. Jack, you changed my life. I will always let you come into my livingroom, by way of computer every day. You will be missed very much. God bless you and your loved ones in this sad time.

  305. One of the greats is gone. He will be dearly missed. We will all do well to remember and follow all the great things he did. Jack would tell us to never give up the fight for what is true and correct.

  306. At present; I have a life-threatening disease. I would have been dead last year or in grave condition this year, if I hadn’t of hired my personal trainer and started seriously working out. My wife has Cancer, and exercise has helped her physically but above all, mentally. Jack is the reason personal trainers and gym’s exist. We all will die at some point of this journey, but the legacy should never fade if we truly meant something to the people who knew us or knew about us. Rest in Peace Jack. And Thank You for the knowledge and love you have given us.

  307. My belated condolences to the LaLanne family. Jack was an inspiration to millions. The best thing I enjoy about him was his good common sense approach to physical fitness.

  308. God bless you Jack. You paved the way for fitness excellence for all. We have you to thank for your inspiration, motivation and above all, a true gentleman!

  309. My Sincerest Sympathy to family and friends of this truly wonderful man. I’ve only just read about him in today’s West Australian newspaper. He reminds me very much of my own dad.Jack may have passed but his inspiration will soar eternally…. let us have gratitude for all that he was as an individual and the many lives he has touched, Blessings.

  310. Jack LaLanne left an immeasurable impact on literally an uncountable number of lives in the past, present and future. He was the real deal and actually lived the life he preached. Behind every great man is a great woman and Jack couldn’t have done any better than his help mate Elane. Living fit until the rype young age of 96 is a testimony to the truths he and Elane advocated during their lifetime together. What an amazing legacy that he has left.

  311. When I read of the passing of Jack I cried. What an inspiration and a role model he was. Total fitness with only a towel and a chair! I watched him on TV when I was a kid. (ten years old). Jack believed that exercise was the best medicine and he was so right. I will never forget you, Jack. I wish to convey my sincere condolences to his family and friends. God Bless.

  312. He will be truly missed. I watched Jack on TV when I was a young girl and I’ve always been a believer. He gave us a great gift in sharing his knowledge on great health and living. We’ve lost a great man but he will be with us in spirit.

  313. Since I was 3, my grand-father lived and breathed Jack’s words of health and instilled that same belief into all of his family. I knew this day would come, and you can never be prepared to lose anyone, but I am confident that Jack may be among the few people to smile at the end and be extremely proud of his life’s accomplishments. My Grandfather passed on Jan 22, 2000 and I now I pass on Jack’s legacy of health and fitness to my children. We will miss your endurance Jack. Much love and blessings to his family. It’s an honor to have been able to watch Jack all these 40 some odd years.

  314. When I heard about Jack’s passing it was as if I had just heard that Superman was gone. I was in shock, and I didn’t even know him. I will always remember It’s not how long you live your life, It’s how you live your life. Thanks Jack.

  315. Jack helped me transform my outlook on life as well as my body’s. This man was a well of knowledge that should never be forgotten.

    Miss you Jack.

  316. Dear Elaine and family,

    My heart goes out to you during this difficult time.

    I found out about Jack’s passing just now as I visited this site after re-reading his book Live Young Forever.

    His legacy of work continues in my household as my 16 year old daughter – a competitive dancer – also makes healthier choices as a result of reading Jack’s book. A testament to how his life’s work transcends generations.

    God bless you all!

  317. Jack, they broke the mold after you were made. You will ALWAYS be an inspiration. Your strongest muscle was your loving heart. Rest In Peace my mighty friend!

  318. Im 41 yrs old and became aquainted with Jack about 7 or 8 yrs ago when I started getting into fitness. He was an inspiration to me and as such has helped me stay focused on staying in shape. He just had a wonderful spirit and was great at what he did. He will be missed. My condolences to his wife and children.

  319. I always tell people that Jack LaLanne is one of my heroes. I still can’t believe we lost him. Jack was an inspiration is so many ways. His super strength and stamina, his incredible discipline, his great patriotism, and, of course, the fact that he taught the whole country about fitness. What a guy! How could you Not admire him?

    Jack, I won’t say “Rest in Peace”, because Im sure that’s the LAST thing you’re doing up there! I bet you’ve already started giving classes!

  320. I just came across some old videos of Jack and it is amazing how even in the 50’s he knew to keep things simple to improve your health. Well done Jack on what your life has achieved.

  321. Dear Elaine & Family:

    I just wanted to let you know from the bottom of my heart that my prayers of support and healing go out to all of you during your time of loss. I also wanted to let all of you know briefly how wonderfully special Jack and his message of nutrition and fitness was (and still is!) in my life.

    See, I lost my father in 2008 at 71 years old due to his life of poor nutrition, vices, and generally sedentary living. My father was a poor health role model. Jack, however became my role model — A distant, surrogate father figure of sorts. Jack was someone I admired and looked up to. He was a man of great honor and personal pride who cared about his God-given temple of life (his body). I could tell from the many T.V. appearances that he was a loving husband and father and an honest, true humanitarian. Jack was the type of man I was inspired to be. Today, I’m extraordinarily healthy and I owe allot of it to Jack’s wisdom and teachings over the years.

    Right now, thousands upon thousands of people Jack influenced are now carrying the torch for him — Inspired and spreading the message of nutrition and fitness that he set in motion years ago. I think that’s what Jack really wanted — To help people help themselves so they can help others.

    Jack’s spirit lives on in the hearts and souls of all those he touched, including me. A true great American hero. Jack will never be forgotten.

    Warm regards,


  322. God bless you Jack and thank you so much for teaching us how to live right. To me it even went deeper than just fitness, you taught me a way of life I will cherish till the end.

    My condolences to the LaLanne family.

  323. I could never fully express my gratitude for all that Jack has brought to my life with his zest for living and as a constant source of inspiration. While we are all saddened by his passing, I know that Jack will be a guiding light in our lives always. My deepest condolences to Elaine and family.

  324. An American Icon way ahead of his time an inspiration .I can watch his shows on his website and it is incredible .He is still the greatest physical fitness motivator of all time.Just watching his shows again puts a gigantic smile to my face.God bless you Jack .We will miss you.

  325. I just learned of Jack’s passing. I’m so sorry, and feel as stunned as if I’d lost a friend. What a wonderful role model for so many of us.
    Belated comfort to his family and friends.

  326. I know this is late, but I did want to say that Jack was instrumental in my life with getting fit back when I was in High School. Later I kind of got out of the habit, but now have been back exercising with him online and with his dvds for several years now. He has really been a blessing in my life and I will definitely miss him, but will not forget him. Elaine and family, may God bless and comfort ya’ll in your loss.

  327. There are only a few people that are true-life role model heroes. These are one-in-a-million types who have tenacity, dedication, determination, and will power, beyond the average person, to push their dream to reality. I certainly don’t know, or can list all of them, but a few of my favorite role models, include Burt Monroe, Homer Hickam, Chris Gardner, Wilma Rudolph, and, of course, Jack Lalanne.

    These are people who push, with unyielding resolve and stamina, through incredible obstacles to astonishing achievements beyond even those without obstacles.

    Jack Lalanne is a true one-in-a-million life hero. His life has enriched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Jack Lalanne is a role model for role models – A true Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

    Thank you, Jack.

  328. I cannot believe that Jack Lalanne has died. He was my hero, and I start my day out doing one of Jack’s fitness dvd’s each day. I feel much better when I start my day with Jack. I will continue each and every day with Jack. Elaine and his family our in my prayers.

  329. I am, in a sense, a product of Jack LaLanne’s teachings. My mother was asthmatic as a child and decided for herself that she would be normal and healthy. As a young woman she went to a talk by Jack LaLanne in Oakland CA. part of her regimen of athletics and eating right. She worked out in his gym and played tennis with Jack at the Claremont hotel in Berkeley. She would later raise her children in a health-conscious way. I believe I was of the few in our neighborhood that ate yogurt regularly, brown bread, and a handful if vitamin pills with a glass of carrot juice — in the Fifties..! I pf oourse still eat that way. Thanks Jack.

  330. I have been emulating Jack LaLanne for over 50 years. At 66, I still compete in natural body-building contests and try not to miss an opporunity to help and motivate others, as Jack motivated me. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting Jack during his long and productive life.

  331. My husband,son,and I have been watching the episodes of the Jack LaLanne show on our computer every morning. My son is so excited and pulled me in by the arm to do the exercises with him….just like Jack asked him to!
    It is wonderful to see my son so enthusiastic about physical activity! Jack is an inspiration to anyone smart enough to listen and the world is better for having had him in it. My heart goes out to his family, thank you for sharing him with me and my family.

  332. My thoughts and prayers. May Jack’s soul be blessed, as was his life and may all of his loved ones be comforted. Jack helped save the lives of millions…thanks for this website and the classic TV episodes, the products and information available and for the motivation…

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