Why did Jack wear ballet slippers???

Many of you fans have been writing to us asking why Jack wore ballet slippers to work out in…
In those days tennis shoes were not popular, and only used to play tennis in…Most show business people and Hand Balancers wore ballet slippers, and Jack being a Hand Balancer, that was what he wore!

9 thoughts on “Why did Jack wear ballet slippers???

  1. I was born and raised in San Francisco and in the 50’s in our pre school days we use to watch you and try all the exercises. By age 37 I started taking adult ballet classes. I love wearing ballet slippers because I always feel like stretching and dancing around the house. And now in my mid 50’s I started taking flamenco classes so I also love wearing flamenco shoes. Now for many years we have moved to Manitoba where many days in the winter it is freezing windy to go outside … so I enjoy exercising with your old clips in ballet slippers too!

    You are a great inspiration. Take care Jack. Best wishes


  2. my father is roy kehrer and him and jack made helth equipment together it was called mars gym equipment i was a little boy then when dad had his gym in modesto calif on paridice ave and i got to know bill pearl and timithy leong and chuk sypes and many more body builders, my dad is still alive and living in modesto to this day.does anybody rember my dad

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  4. Jack’s use of ballet slippers was brilliant. It set him apart from macho and offish body builders and appealed to his audience which was woman. Male ballet dancers always presented themselves as poetic, cultured, and chivalrous and that resonated with woman. Men may have thought it to be sissyish but they were not his target audience and none could have competed with his physical prowess. Ballet slippers were very common fitness attire among woman of the day and they were able to appreciate Lalanne better.

  5. I thought it was really cool, and still do that Jack LaLanne wore ballet slippers. It’s because of him that I relate this footwear to masculinity. He was not the first masculine male to wear ballet slippers outside of dance but he was the first I saw. This inspiration is will always be with Me amongst others thanks to Jack. Sorry to hear he is no longer with us.

  6. Go to any gymnastics meet. Those gymnasts who are not
    barefoot wear modified ballet slippers, not sneakers.
    The soles are thin rubber rather than suede. The slippers
    are flexible and let you “feel” the floor; sneakers,
    although not as heavy as street shoes, still have a
    stiff sole.

  7. Here in my gym class its Not allowed to wear Sneakers
    Man must wear Black leather Ballet Slippers and women Pink leather Ballet Slippers
    Ballet Slippers are perfect for this Kind of training

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